Dormant account
Jan 20, 2006
I deposited $1000 at got a $200 bonus. Played bj 25xB and end up at $1400. Then this is the email I get:

Dear Ace,

In relation to the wagering account.

As per our management, please note that they have reviewed your wagering
accounts with us and have decided that your account will be made inactive.
All deposited amounts made to us will be refunded back to you by the method
that you used to credit your wagering account.

Any pending withdrawals you may have will have been cancelled and only the
amounts that you have deposited to us will be refunded. The returned funds
should be credited back to you within 10 working days.

This decision was made by management and will not be revised.


F'in weak.

Stay away is my advice.
The notorious Sportingbet group, listed on the UK AIM. There are lines of action to recover stolen bonus money, but you don't seem much interested and it's pretty tedious anyway.
Don't get me wrong I am interested in getting my $400. I just don't know what to do. I thought a good first step would be to post here.
Linesmaker is a (crappy) sportsbook, and as such not really Bryan Bailey's department; both The Offshore Wire and Sportsbook Review have contacts with Sportingbet. Hard to say which to go for without offending the other (not that either is reading this, lol), but give SBR Bill Dozer a shot first:

Link Removed (invalid URL)

Failing Bill, I'm pretty shore Offshore Wire have decent relations with a Sportingbet rep, and they've come up trumps on some recent issues:

Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)

Both sites have forums, but hold off with any public comment while the matter is being looked into. It's not like you'd be telling anyone anything new, either - Sportingbet are notorious with this stuff. They tried it on with me too, but Bill got me paid.

Any problems, post back here.
The group used to be fairly lax with accounts on each of their many skins ... I was able to hit maybe 12 sites last fall before they warned me, and still they let me keep some of the accounts that had funds in it. More recently, they have gotten much more aggressive. It seems like around 5 skin accounts now will lead to an automatic ban without warning and refund of your deposit only - but if you lose all the bonus and some of your deposit, they're more than happy to cash out that figure. The reloads are really good, so it may be wise to back off and just try to milk the accounts that you do have.

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