LinesMaker Poker, play privilege locked - No reason


May 27, 2008
Romania , Baia de Arama
Hi, I signed up yesterday with LinesMaker Poker , played a $6000 freeroll , where i finished in the money ($75), after i finished the play, account was blocked (Username AdiXXX / Nickname TheDarkSide).Please help me in this matter if is possible.Thank You

I don`t know if is a good ideea to paste the chat there, but please forgive me, my english language is not so good

Please wait for a site operator to respond. You are currently customer 1 in queue. Thank you for your patience.
Hello, my name is Janet Roberts. How may I help you today?
Balanescu Adrian: Hi
Janet Roberts: Hi Adrian
Balanescu Adrian: i can`t register in tournaments
Janet Roberts: Please hold while I transfer you to the Poker Department.
Please wait while I transfer the chat to 'Ahmed Jones'.
Hello, my name is Ahmed Jones. How may I help you today?
Balanescu Adrian: ok
Balanescu Adrian: Hi, i can`t join any tournament
Balanescu Adrian: i have 75 in balance but it gives an error
Ahmed Jones: What happens when you try to access the poker room?
Balanescu Adrian: is ok , i am logged in
Balanescu Adrian: but when i try to register to a ttournament it say
Balanescu Adrian: player privileges suspended"
Balanescu Adrian: i did not do anything wrong
Ahmed Jones: Please bear with me for a moment while I look into this...
Balanescu Adrian: sure, i just signed up today
Ahmed Jones: Unfortunately, your account has been deactivated by management decision. It will not be reactivated.
Balanescu Adrian: what was wrong.. i mean .. why
Ahmed Jones: This a decision made by our management. It is final.
Balanescu Adrian: sure , no problem, but why ?
Ahmed Jones: As per our house rules, if deemed necessary LinesMaker reserves the right to revoke the agreement between the user and LinesMaker.
Balanescu Adrian: i posted LinesMaker in my forum and ppl download it through my site , and you doing this?
Balanescu Adrian: i mean NO REASON to kick a player after he won 75
Balanescu Adrian: anything we talked there was recorded anyway
Balanescu Adrian: i didn`t loose a cent , no problem
Balanescu Adrian: but your customers will hear about what are you doing
Balanescu Adrian: revoke - no reason , house want me out :)
Balanescu Adrian: did not like i won $75
Ahmed Jones: Management decision on this matter is final. The account will remain inactive.
Balanescu Adrian: sure , i said is no problem, the reason please
Ahmed Jones: No reason will be provided.
Balanescu Adrian: good, what about the money are in it?
Balanescu Adrian: 75 usd
Ahmed Jones: The funds will remain in the account.
Balanescu Adrian: but those are my money
Balanescu Adrian: you can close my account but you can`t stole my money from it, or can you?
Ahmed Jones: No money has been stolen. This is because no deposits have been made.
Balanescu Adrian: it say Balance : $75
Balanescu Adrian: no deposit was make cause i signed up few hours ago
Balanescu Adrian: was intend to deposit in few hours
Balanescu Adrian: bank is closed at this time
Ahmed Jones: Arguing this matter with me will not make any difference. The account will not be reactivated. Sorry about that.
Balanescu Adrian: just a simple reason, nothing more then, just tell me why
Ahmed Jones: We are under no obligation to offer a reason. I have given you all the information that will be provided on this matter.

This chat session has been ended by the chat operator. If you have a moment, please fill out our feedback survey so that we may improve our service (please close this chat window to begin).


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Apr 2, 2007
Ahmed Jones: We are under no obligation to offer a reason. I have given you all the information that will be provided on this matter.

The same as "We can do all we want" :eek:
Back to the business: maybe your country in their list of restricted countries?


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Jun 1, 2007
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i think this is totally out of order, the least they could do is give you a reason why they closed your account even if as slotmonster said only to inform you that your country in their list of restricted countries,


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Nov 11, 2007
Just another example of a no name shady online poker site created to get customers and take their $. That is why people should stick to the more established sites like Stars and Tilt. These small sites with very few customers have to make $ somehow, so why not just take it from their "customers."


May 27, 2008
Romania , Baia de Arama
I asked a friend from Serbia about he`s account on LinesMaker and he can`t no longer login too.(He`s account was maked in the same day with that tournament, anyway he did not played it , but account was frozen)

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