Lightning strickes twice at Oasis Casino


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Oct 15, 2004
New York, man :)
Oasis Casino and Sportsbook has awarded a $50,000 jackpot to a veteran online casino player that hit the popular Red White and Blue Slots Jackpot.

The $50,000 payout, the tenth largest payout received by a single player in Oasis Casino history, is the second major jackpot paid to the same customer within the past seven days.

The customer (who wanted to remain anonymous) received a $20,000 payout earlier in the week after drawing a Royal Flush in Oasis' Royal Court Poker.

Oasis Casino, which offers the largest variety of single-player casino games on the internet, has paid out over $150,000 in bonus jackpots and progressive payouts during the month of October. Earlier this month, Jim M. hit a $77,000 Caribbean Stud Progressive Jackpot on a $1 wager.

I just wonder, is it a kind of advertisement or promo-action ? can something like that really happen? :rolleyes:

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