Light at the end of the Neteller tunnel?


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Aug 25, 2004
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Reported this-morning by Link Removed (Old/Invalid) at OCR &
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at WOL, looks like a VERY positive step in the right direction - at last! :thumbsup:

Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)
Thanks for the update guys, I hardly ever read the news anymore these days. I just wonder if 75 days happens to also be the training period of IRS agents so they can line up enough to knock on each one of our doors when the funds are released lol.
Yes - looks like positive news for once from these guys (Neteller)! Awesome! Although I don't have any $$ in there, I am very happy for everyone else who is finally going to get their own money back :)
Obviously if neteller can pay us so could everyone else

The fact that the feds are going to allow Neteller to pay players goes to show payments are being blocked. So, Click2pay should have still been able to make payments to our accounts via EFT just as I have previously said.

Also, 3rd party processors should also be able to pay us. So these delays are bogus.
All this waiting around and bargaining ..... Aren't they going to be close to the time that the UIGEA supposedly gets set into place at all our banks, and no gambling funds can move in or out? Despite the fact that NETeller is not a casino the DoJ has seen fit to 'attack' them... If US players money gets freed up too late... Who's going to cash the checks, or accept the ACH, or whatever?

I still do not understand why US monies are tied up... being held 'in trust'... The NETeller Two (founders of NETeller) were arrested and are held -- not NETeller. Why couldn't they pay out without all this brouhahah? Allow no transactions by US players, but send them their money?

And what sort of negotiating is going on between NETeller and the DoJ and the USAO? NETeller has ceased dealings with US players, what else is there to negotiate about? What is there to even negotiate with? Players personal and transactions info? Or has all that already been turned over?

I suppose it's all too complicated for a mouse to even attempt to understand.

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