Liberty slots tournaments


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Oct 16, 2005
Hi , I have been playing at liberty slots casino in there tournaments for about 3 weeks straight. I mean I play all day long for about 8 to 10 hours. they have daily quick slots for a $0.50 buy in and last only 30 mins. you can rebuy in for another $0.50 when your cash gets below $5.00. well it is just funny that the same people win the top 5 . they pay to the top 20 but 1 thur 5 pay pretty good for a 30 min. tournament. Today alone this one player ranked 1st like 8 times so far today including higher paying tournaments which last 6 to 24 hours. I realize that someone could be lucky but on these 30 min. tourneys with having to rebuyin , lowering your bet , etc. and we do not even get enough money to play with to cover a max bet spin so this person would have to be using the hole amount for 1 spin and than rebuyin and this person would not have to play long before they had a really high score maybe a couple of mins like 3 to 5 mins. to basically hit a bonus round. me on the other hand I get about 6 spins to each buyin and I have only ever hit the bonus round right off maybe twice I usually have to spin the reels about 75 times if not more or even at all and they hit right off each tourney for them. It just does not seem possible to me for them to win like that much. Am I just being a bad loser , cause I do tend to be a little grumpy . I really do not mind losing as long as I have a fair chance and fun doing just everyday same people like a group of 8 of them just hit really high right off all the time. Has anyone else noticed?? thanks:)


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Sep 20, 2005
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I play their tournaments a lot also. I love the variety and free ones they offer each day. I have come in the money for a few hundred on each win, so it is possible to win. The key I found was to play small and work your way up or else you will e doing a lot of rebuys for max bet. It takes a lot of patience to win one of those tournaments.

I play the big ones so I have longer play time..when I get bored, I leave and come back...I have gone a little crazy when I got into first place and have lost that position many and slow is the best way for me to play..I tried your way and went through to much money. Good luck..I lose a lot of the tourneys but it pays to hang in there if you have the time. I am actually ahead for their tournies...



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Jun 5, 2009
A huge warning though: Liberty Slots is listed in the rogue section of this forum:

They are there for a reason, this is Bryans words:

I would advise all players to avoid this casino: highly not recommended.

If you want to play those tourneys and games I think that Miami Club, who don't have a secret license, have the same ones. Don't throw money to people who can't even tell you where they are licensed. :mad: