Lfccccc - Liverpool vs Barsa - Champions leage 2019 -Semifinal

I think Spurs will be a much tougher opponent for Liverpool than Ajax would have been and the final has the makings of a real classic.
Interesting to see how the two English teams get on tonight and will be pretty ironic on the eve of brexit if it’s two all English finals
I am a huge PSV Eindhoven fan and we do not like Ajax that much but I felt for them yesterday.
That said, when 2-2 they had plenty of chances to score a third goal.
Sad to lose a spot in the final in the last seconds of the game.

But what a 2 semi finals we had, football history has been written this week.

Btw my brother put a tenner for 4-0 on Liverpool with BET365 and it paid something like 50/1 so he won like 500 quid, bastard! :D

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