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Feb 14, 2005
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Hi all -

I'm a definite newbie and in my newbie state, I'm turning to 7search for "instant gratification". Today alone, myself and the other two folks who are making up the top 3, have managed to drive the price up on a particular keyphrase about 30 or 40 cents.

First off: Anyone know of a pay per rank engine that actually has real money results instead of simply visitors?

Second: If there is one, why don't about 3, 5, 7, whatever of us come to an agreement to "share" those top 3, 5, 7 spots and stop driving the bids up, at least for a little while. We just hold those top spots and each person alters their bids to allow each of us to rotate through, each getting the top spot without driving the bids up.

May not last long, but it might run for a while... :what:

PM me if you'd like.
Well - that lasted

Don't know if someone saw it here or just chance, but I'd like to thank the moron who ate up 25 clicks in three minutes on 7search. Way to go jerkoff :thumbsup:

One day, somehow, you'll need friends in this business and guess where us decent webmasters are going to leave you ;)
I was whining Largeeyes.

I had 75 bucks worth of fraudulent clicks on 7search in a 3 minute period the other day. I was not sure if someone saw the first post in this thread or if it was just coincidence, but I thought I'd pitch a bitch fit just in case...

Sorry for the explosion and by the way - 7search was very quick and helpful in crediting that money back to my account :thumbsup:

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