Lets Go!!!!

Speaking of Fury, it was younger half-brother Tommy's turn last night to take centre stage in the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia, taking on his arch-rival Jake Paul after three years of protracted contractual wrangling and mishaps.

Whilst not the kind of fight that'll change the landscape of Boxing, it ended up being a fairly ferocious amateur event, in the sense that this was both fighters' 10th fight or less, with both still learning the ropes.

Jake Paul gave a good account of himself, lacking the technical proficiency of 'actual boxer' Fury, but still regarded as a credible threat, with Fury himself admitting that pro boxer sparring partners have hit the canvas for less.

Ultimately, Fury's jab proved Paul's undoing, chipping away over the course of the eight, with Paul opting to throw the haymakers, wild hooks and windmills when the opportunity presented itself, even flooring a bemused Fury in the last round (a slip).

A rematch is pencilled in, and for all his faults, Paul's the consummate self-promoter, who took the lion's share of the purse and is set to rake in millions for his endeavours!

Fury too, though still early in his boxing career, can choose to pursue any number of financial opportunities outside of boxing should he so choose.

But let's face it, with his ridiculous good looks and still only being 23, the world's his oyster. Good on him for shutting up the detractors and swatting them away like the jealous trash they are 🙏

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