Leo Vegas withdrawal missing?


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Sep 11, 2014
weird issue,

had a withdrawal via paypal which was complete like 10hrs ago and still no funds in my paypal. given they instant i asked live support and stated to send proof of the withdrawal not hitting my account.

i mean im not sure if these have gone dodgy, but has anyone else experienced weird shit with these lately?


Mar 22, 2010
Mostly the Netherlands
These days, if any withdrawal has issues, it's either Trustly or Paysafe in my experience..
I can't use Paypal myself, as in the Netherlands they don't allow gambling transactions, and i wouldn't be surprised if they will stop allowing this in the UK too, iirc it's one of the last few Countries where they allow it. And with stricter rules, UKGC and all that, it may spell the end of that method/

What i'm saying is, i sooner lay the blame @ Paypal than @ Leo, as the latter is (for me) one of the fastest paying hassle free Casinos ever..
Did you use VPN, or w/e, or was it just a straight forward session, and are you already a verified customer there?

Wouldn't worry anyway, i'm sure you'll get paid.

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