Length Of Time To Receive Casino Promotion?


I understand casinos have promotions from time to time and occasionally people win, like gifts and the such. Does anyone know how long a casino usually takes to send a person a gift from the point when the promotions ends? And if anyone has won something, can you mention what it was and how long it took to arrive? It would be nice if you can give appromixate location to location times as well. Thanks for the pending information.


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I cashed in my points at partypoker to order some hats several times. I think one of those times it was two months before they arrived to California from their supplier in Florida.

I've done the same with pokerstars and their stuff always arrived within a week.

I'm still awaiting a magnum from 32red to celebrate my dog's recent birthday.


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I occasionally won stuff (I love blingbling!) at Mummy's (back when they had fun contests and promos) and the box would usually arrived within 7 - 14 days of contest end. All of the prizes were shipped from within the U.S. from suppliers like Amazon, See's, even one (Halloween basket with movies and snacks) from Office Max -- or maybe Staples...

A pack of SciFi coffee usually took a couple of months and more than one email to support....

You got something missing?


I just received the item today. I should post some pictures in a little bit. Wasn't sure how promotions worked, especially if they operate out of the country. But yes, the items came within the week from a relatively nearby location.


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:lolup: :lolup: :lolup:

What happened??? won too much maybe??? ;)


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I really, really miss opening up those packages I won at Mummy's and Piggs. But I don't think I ever won a pinata. LOL

What's in it? Don't keep us in suspense! :D


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NoMouthToScream said:
Here is the prize. Needless to say, I was reminded of the godfather movie. Thank you FirstWebCasino. :p
But that horse still has it's head....he he.

Yes, what was inside? Some $100 bills would be nice, lol.


I wish there was money, just a bag of plastic knick knacks, whistles and noisemakers, and a bag of candy. Maybe one day, I'll put my frustration on it and just keep the head. Honestly everytime I look at it, it just gets freakier and freakier.