Legal Statements/Disclaimers


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Mar 25, 2005
I notice most websites that promote online gambling also have a legal disclaimer (scroll down, you'll see the CasinoMeister one at the bottom of the page).

My understanding is that the legal statement/disclaimer is there to mitigate legal liability for promoting online casinos. My question is -do they actually work? Has any webmaster ever been sued and then used their legal disclaimer as their defense? If so did it work? Is there specific wording required?

If I start a website and then plagiarize the CasinoMeister legal statement, is that content theft? Do you actually get legal advice on how to word your legal statement?

Thinking of restarting a website (or 3) and I was wondering...



Mar 22, 2010
Mostly the Netherlands
Hi, and welcome (back) to the forums.

Interesting question:
The laws are different in many Countries, best thing to do is check out your National Legislation or Regulative Body.

Online is still a bit of a grey area, to express it conservatively.
Normally, when you aren't running a Casino yourself, but just promoting them, you should still be O.K.
Certain Casinos are banned from "operating" in certain Countries: of the ones you wish to promote, be sure to read their affiliate T&C's, there is usually a section where the Rejected Countries are displayed.

Legal disclaimers can principally be copied, as long as you replace the trademarks and "company" names:)
Change the wording a bit and you would be fine:
I am not 100% on this so i would await some more replies or do some research yourself:
Most Casinos (if trustworthy, and with capable management) are well aware of what they can and can't do: it is always wise to direct any
Such questions to them, and then work with the info you get.

Good luck!