Legal help for poker players


RIP Brian
Feb 22, 2001

PPA launches new Litigation Support Network

The 900 000 member poker grassroots advocacy group Poker Players Alliance (PPA) has launched its Litigation Support Network. This free member service will provide basic, initial legal advice as well as refer members to a network of attorneys who have expressed interest in helping PPA members with poker-related legal issues.

"As both the popularity of poker and the membership of PPA continue to grow, the Litigation Support Network is an opportunity to provide even more value to our members," said PPA Chairman Former Senator Alfonse D'Amato. "With the myriad local, state and federal laws impacting poker, the Litigation Support Network is an important service that our members can and should use, and I encourage attorneys who want to defend poker players and this great American game of skill to join this effort."

As poker, both online and offline, continues to grow in popularity, there has been a rise in the amount of police raids on home, tavern or charity poker tournaments. Many of the local and state laws on poker are arcane and vague, so players don't necessarily know if they are violating a law.

PPA's Litigation Support Network provides PPA members with a free, legal resource should they have questions as they organise a charity poker tournament, start a poker league or, in the worst case scenario, get arrested. In these situations, PPA members can contact the Litigation Support Network via the PPA website and obtain free, preliminary legal advice over the phone.

Should they need additional support, they will be given a list of attorneys in their area who are willing to take their case. Additionally, the network of attorneys will be tapped to help prepare PPA in the event the organization needs to litigate that poker is a game of skill, not a game of chance.

The Litigation Support Network will be spearheaded by Patrick Fleming, an attorney who is also the PPA state director for New Hampshire.

"The patchwork of state and local laws relating to poker is leaving PPA members confused about what is legal and what is illegal," said Fleming. "In our ongoing efforts to protect the rights of Americans to play poker, the establishment of the Litigation Support Network will provide members with an added level of security as they enjoy the game in their homes, at their local pub or as a way to help a local charity. I am honored to be leading this important effort on behalf of the PPA."

To learn more about the PPA Litigation Support Network, or to apply to become part of the network of attorneys, please visit