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Mar 27, 2001
Just received two offers from king solomons and lucky liners for their new software- Now this software is or appears identical to the golden palace software(Boomerang). Is there now a link to the GP group and have these casinos left microgaming?

Does anyone know if the cashprocessors and support have also changed.

No - the Kingsolomon/Lucky Liner software is a new version of the MGS software - they are not connected to those GP guys nor their dodgy software - thank goodness - the cashprocessors and support are the same.

I just checked out the English Harbour site - now it looks like these guys have "new and improved" non-MGS software. However, I've never liked these guys - their casino support staff are rude so I'm won't be paying them a visit any time soon in spite of the change.
There should be more site that left Microgaming for a new one. Geigha lounge: an OPA casino has a new software.
the new software being used by King Solomon and it's two clones Lucky Liner and Geisha longe is the Golden Palace software.
It is definitely not MGS!
Yup, from clicking the previews of the games, this definately looks like Golden Palace (Boomerang) software. Steve, if it is Golden Palace, will these casinos continue to remain OPA approved?

Are payouts being processed by ECASH WORLD!?
Hi dave r,

Steve is on sabatical...I'm in Vegas with OPA Mary. I'll run this by her since I was not aware that GL was using Golden Palace software. What's up with that?

I'm back from Vegas, yep, that sure looks like the same software Golden Palace switched to. They are sticking with their old ecash processor and staff I presume, and they were hosted before on the Kahnawake Reserve so I assume that is unchanged. Very interesting. Now we can find out who is that mystery software provider...
Yep - looks like it's true - Kingsolomon's finally updated their website and took off the Microgaming trademark - no mystery now - it's another Golden Palace coup - it's their software -they developed it internally - if you like Golden Palace's software (I don't), then there are now a few more places of interest.

I wonder if Kingsolomon's version also has the disappearing bonus and lockout features....
I have been following the Golden Palace progressives since they changed their software. Can't remember many jackpot payouts, and their totals accrue very slowly.
interestingly, the King Solomons crew although running the same progressives appear to be doing this independently of the GP casinos if the totals are to be believed.
Yes, I've heard talk from the inside that those GP guys didn't like paying Microgaming - makes sense - they probably didn't like the odds either of the software - not that the microgaming software ever was over-generous - guess they rather spend money on promoting boxers than having too many winners. I'd test the Kingsolomon software before getting in too deep to quickly.
Well, Mitty, maybe you can make $500k. Microgaming is looking for information on piracy.

From www.winneronline.com, front page:

Microgaming Comments on Departing Licensees
05 October 2001


Microgaming - Microgaming advises that two of its operator groups have ceased using the company's online casino software.

It is well known that Microgaming imposes very strict regulation on its operators. Microgaming's service provides continuous upgrades and improvements, PricewaterhouseCoopers reports, and programs allowing the players maximum information, control, and protection of their play. New features incorporated in software about to be launched will enhance these advantages.

Microgaming software also provides some of the highest player jackpots in the online gaming industry.

Microgaming's Roger Raatgever stated that since Microgaming is the largest supplier of software, it is inevitable that the company will lose operators from time to time.

Microgaming is confident that its operators will continue to prosper and grow from the use of its unique software. Microgaming pledges to continue to play its part in providing its operators and players with software and services to ensure entertainment of utmost integrity, security, and pleasure.

Microgaming considers the key to its success to be the continuous development of innovative value added products, and the associated intellectual property. As a matter of general policy therefore, Microgaming also announces a standing reward of up to US$ 500,000 for information leading to the successful prosecution, civil or criminal, of any person or corporate entity that has pirated or unlawfully profited from its intellectual property.
Hmm - interesting news - and an interesting proposition indeed - still, once the licensee leaves, the licensor has limited leverage and it's almost impossible to prove IP infringement without evidence that comes straight from the developers database. Guess that explains the high bounty.

Nevertheless, thanks for the info Mary.

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