Left Field Winning Strategies!


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Jun 17, 2010
Yeah why not! Lets have a break from the norm and look at a few left-fielders before I exit the forum, crawl under the table and return in a few months when all is forgotten.:p

Concsiousness, the universe and RNG: :eek2:

No need to explain here as there are a million "positive thinking" gurus out there that are promoting the use of mind control therapy and manipulation of your personal "universe" - from the Dalai Lama to Deepak Chopra and beyond.

Then there's this experiment from Princeton, (found on Uri Geller's website, of course!):

"Look at the incredible results from a study at Princeton University in New Jersey by Professor Robert Jahn, published a couple of years ago. He has spent more than a decade carrying out thousands of tests with ordinary people to discover if Mindpower could influence random number generators. The subjects, none of whom had shown any paranormal abilities previously, were invited to stare at a computer that was displaying zeros and ones on screen. The number sequence was not pre-programmed. Jahn told his experimenters to will the number one to appear more often. And it did. The testing conditions were rigorous - after all, Jahn is Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science at one of the world's top five academic institutions. If he published data supporting paranormal theories and his methods were open to criticism, his career would be finished. The evidence that Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) discovered was undeniable and the odds against ordinary people directing their thoughts at a computer and forcing it to react were calculated at 1,000 billion to one against."

WOW we got more chance of winning lotto than being unable to beat the RNG with mind control. I love it!! Have to admit though that I do use techniques and they can be over-simplified by mindset e.g. don't play in a bad mood, desperate, or chasing losses, etc. But there is a bigger picture if you care to dig. And yeah I know we got more than 1 and 0 to beam up so may take us awhile to turn pro mind controller!

Then there's this from Random.org:

"In comparison with PRNGs, TRNGs extract randomness from physical phenomena and introduce it into a computer. You can imagine this as a die connected to a computer, but typically people use a physical phenomenon that is easier to connect to a computer than a die is. The physical phenomenon can be very simple, like the little variations in somebody's mouse movements or in the amount of time between keystrokes. In practice, however, you have to be careful about which source you choose. For example, it can be tricky to use keystrokes in this fashion, because keystrokes are often buffered by the computer's operating system, meaning that several keystrokes are collected before they are sent to the program waiting for them. To a program waiting for the keystrokes, it will seem as though the keys were pressed almost simultaneously, and there may not be a lot of randomness there after all."

Bugga! Does this mean that when I bet quickly and repetitively because I am using a pattern, or winning, that the RNG is programmed to throw a new sequence! And/Or: Is that why when I pause, think and then place my bet the RNG is programmed to stay with the sequence for the computer programmer interpreted this as being confused, unsure or panicky due to perhaps a few losses, and therefore I have more probability of changing my betting sequence! Or is it the other way around :rolleyes:

And then there's hypnosis:

Yay I like this one! I am seriously investigating and once I have eventually completed a course where I am the hypnotist, (sorry don't have enough faith in the sustainability aspect if I relied upon someone else to do it for me), I am going to play with - wait for it - drum roll please - Mind Control vs RNG. How much fun would that be.

Okay that's enough psuedo/consciousness/science for today and please - to those who have managed to get this far - before you start crackpotting me, this is meant as a "fun" thread and serious only to those who wish to pursue their own "universe".