Lebron staying in Cleveland


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Mar 11, 2005
I want Lebron VERY BAd as a Knick fan with a "terrible" team for 10 years now. But I got to admit Lebron should stay in Cleveland. This guy is the best right now. Kevin Durant a close second, Kobe third. Kobe third "only because of his age." If the Cavs management can make a few moves and bring in a Chris Bosh or Joe Johnson or Dwayne Wade or some "other star" who isn't washed up like "Shaq" is to play with Lebron they can win a championship.

Lebron has been there 7 years and done his best. I think hes just tired of carrying the team. Jamison was a joke. And Mo Williams where was he? Averaged 11 and a half pts???

Lebron can't dribble the ball, rebound the ball, and score 100% of the time

Cleveland if you want Lebron to stay get him who he wants and the City keeps all its fans and makes a ton of money. Fire Mike Brown bring in who Lebron wants. Sign another star and a real Pg.

Its Lebron's team? Prove it!!

P.S. I feel bad for Cleveland fans...Just horrible things have happened....Horrible...:confused:
The first Pro basketball game I went to was in Cleveland when LeBron had just started there. He needs to stay...Cleveland needs him:thumbsup:
OFC we here in Cleveland would love if Lebron stayed BUT if hes gonna play like he did in the last few games of the playoffs you can have him New York, Chicago, or whoever.

If he can't win with the teams he had the last few years don't know what else can be done unless you put him with Kobe and the Lakers.

He is the best in the game right now. But he needs a supporting cast. I was very hard on him in some earlier posts saying he choked. He tried to carry this team but didn't get any support. Mo and Shaq simply weren't enough. Jamison disappeared. The Celtics and Lakers both have at least 3,4 all stars. Lebron didn't have this. Cleveland tried with Jamsion and Shaq. But it back fired. Who could they bring in now? Nobody really. I think their finished. Lebron probably will walk. Other teams can surround him with big stars.

It truly does take team work. MJ had Scottie Pippen when needed. Every superstar needs a team mate. I see that now.....

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