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Jul 20, 2003
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Okay, I never play Porker and is thinkg about it recently. I know you can get a book and read it, but reading English book is some kind of challenge to me. :what: Is there a software to help you? If not, what's the good and easy-reading book out there?

Thanks! Have a nice weekend! and Happy Holiday!
LOL~ :p I can't even spell it right... I must be thinking of cooking pork for dinner then...

I don't even know the difference. Which one is easiest and also give me enough brain challenge? Hold'em? I guess.
Hey Bewitched. What many people I talk to have done is learn how to play at pokerschool online. I have a friend that learned that way and now does great in tournaments at Pokerstars and Party. You can ask pros questions on a forum and they have mock tourneys and will critique your play. They charge $15 a month but I hear it is well worth it. They are tied into bugsysclub.com poker room. Software is a bit poor but there are worse.

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Another idea is
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they have a bunch of freeware games for poker.
Thanks! I will look into it. It sounds fun and much more affordable than other games... It also give the brain a lot of challenge and keep it young! :D

BTW, we love Scoppy-Doo :)
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Bewitch, I have just started playing poker and I love it! If you aren't too bad at it, you can stretch your money for days and even win something. lol

I played poker games at Poker Stars with Play money until I could hold my own, then I signed up at 7 Sultans Poker (they're giving a free $10.00 no deposit bonus) and started playing for real money at tables with a 0.10/0.20 bets (can't get any cheaper than that!)

What I do is play for a while, then read a bit from one of my poker books (I know you have trouble reading English - but Poker for Dummies is an excellent book), play a bit, and so on.

The biggest trick is to know when to fold'em.

Oh, I should say that it's Texas Holdem that I'm playing.

Signing up at pokerschool.com is a great idea, too! I think I might do that.

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