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Jun 16, 2005
I was doing some surfing and came across this article.
It appears to have been run through very bad translation software.
I couldn't stop laughing as I tried to 'untranslate' it back into something intelligible.

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Seven New Games From CryptoLogic

Monarch Kong headlines CryptoLogic's latest branded games

The movie industry's mostly distinguished gigantic troglodyte headlines the latest seven resolute releases from stakes software provider CryptoLogic Limited this week to the degree that the firm unveils branded slot games based forward Merian C. Cooper's Monarch Kong and the current Casinomeister Internet playing for money denunciation gate, in the manner that adequately taken in the character of modern European Blackjack and upgraded European Roulette software and other innovations.

CryptoLogic has made its award-winning Internet casino platform its count individual anteriority, and we extend to serve the track along with the whatever in one lies branded and non-branded games forward the rate today, boasted Brian Hadfield, CryptoLogic's President and CEO. CryptoLogic's other branded games based upon the body well-known characters get been the two high of the people and extremely useful - and we consider lordly hopes that Sovereign Kong and our other unused games have power to escalade resembling heights.

The unaccustomed games are since beneficial to players at and William Mount, and power of choosing subsist fit forward other licensee sites in the straight coming time.

Sovereign Kong takes upon Recently made known York Incorporated town in a renovated 25-line slot practise gaming that heads the clearance listel. Based forward the grecian and roman 1933 thread directed over Merian C. Cooper, the dauntless has brace proud honorarium features - Sovereign Kong Goes Mimic and Monarch Kong Destruction - in that players be possible to crush planes on this account that a stroke of good luck to get unimpeded spins or a secret meed.

The prevalent Casinomeister gate is the composition toward not the same just discovered slot to what one Cryptologic has aristocratic rights with a view to six months. This 30-line slot gives players a contingency to get up to 100 000 general condition of affairs their wager. In the Casinomeister Point, prompt games institute by totality prizes tripled - with the help of a betide to catch exactly to a greater degree spontaneous spins notwithstanding a feasible jackpot be successful.

CryptoLogic's unused Casino Premium Bale in like manner features European Blackjack and every upgraded interpretation of European Roulette, pair games by world-wide idler accuse. European Blackjack features updated and market-leading functionality, including a resizable prey window and auto-bet and auto-strategy options. In this translation of Blackjack, the trafficker does not allow a support card till afterwards total the performer clutches regard been completed. Abundant part and double-down rules are included to make secure any exciting play experimental knowledge.

CryptoLogic's exciting unused representation of European Roulette reinvigorates this traditionary casino favourite. Radiant graphics and sounds join together by exciting of the present day features to entice a state-of-the-art roulette play for money at the player's fingertips.

Rounding loudly the seven-game clan are a concatenation of action-packed 25-line slot games, including Brief Pedagogue, a feisty slot gambling that packs a strike - and a not many kicks - taken in the character of far like a piece of luck to make twice as much or fourfold in any degree winnings in the estimation of a Sail round Up characteristic. In Picnic Consternation, players terminate combat according to a collection of sneaky ants. Immediately after brace pre-eminent reward features and chances to procure up to 7500 state of things their stake, players command have being carried from home by means of this agile and exciting unaccustomed slot undertaking. Dr. M Support is individual healer players have a mind not be inclined visiting. This 25-line slot bit of strategy delivers brace pulse-pounding features, including a fortune to get the compliance of up to 10 000 general condition of affairs lay a wager.