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Feb 22, 2001

600 information-packed pages on the North American gambling scene from Casino City Press

Michael Corfman's Casino City Press has just released the information packed second annual edition of "Casino City's North American Gaming Almanac and CD."

The Almanac contains almost 600 pages on the North American gaming market, including the 2005 gaming revenue figures for the U.S. and Canada, with market profiles for each state and province, including state-by-state comparisons, property rankings, and nearly 1 000 charts and tables.

Each gaming market profile includes a market overview, net gaming revenue by type, gaming property counts, machine and table game counts and distribution, gaming property profiles by type and by location, property owner profiles, and regulatory bodies.

"The North American Gaming Almanac has already become a must-have for operators and analysts seeking to understand the state of the gaming industry today," says Corfman, president and CEO of Casino City Press. "It helps them develop benchmarks, analyze competitors, monitor industry trends, and gather market data to support their business plan."

Key findings in Casino City's North American Gaming Almanac:

* U.S. gaming revenue grew 6.56 percent in 2005 to reach an all-time high of $84.8 billion, or 0.69 percent of total U.S. GDP.

* Casino and card room gaming accounted for 38 percent of total gaming revenue, lotteries for 27 percent, and tribal gaming, 27 percent.

* The largest growth, an increase of over 19 percent, was seen in tribal gaming.

* Revenue from lotteries grew by 4.24 percent and casino gaming grew by 2.63 percent.

* Charitable gaming held its own in 2005 after a slight decline the previous year, and race and sports wagering saw a decline.

* Of the 49 U.S. states (including the District of Columbia) with some form of legalised gaming, Maine, while being among the lowest ranked in terms of gaming revenue in 2005, experienced the highest growth with a 69.99 percent increase in 2005 revenues over 2004.

The North American Gaming Almanac CD version includes profiles and statistics for nearly 1 400 gaming properties plus more than 400 annual reports, useful analysis tools, an interactive gaming property map, and other features.

Together with Casino City's Indian Gaming Industry Report by Dr. Alan Meister, the Almanac provides comprehensive coverage of gaming in the North American marketplace.
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