Last Day for Sports Betting - Stardust Closes Down.


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May 7, 2004
A famous Las Vegas Landmark is getting ready to close after nearly 50 years on the Strip. The Stardust has had many milestones, one of which involves its Race and Sports Book.

When it opened back in 1975, it offered a $100,000 bet limit. Many people stopped by the Sports Book for the last time on Sunday, hoping to go out a winner.

The Stardust Hotel and Casino has had a long run on the Las Vegas Strip. Inside, the race and Sports Book has been a popular hangout for 89-year-old Charlie Kessler over the years. "Big screens, good place to come, a lot of room, nice people," says Kessler. Charlie is known as "the old man from Georgia with the cap on." He's one of the many characters that's given the classic Las Vegas Casino so much of it's charm.

"We always have some jokes, but mine are too spicy, which I can't tell you." Charlie has been placing bets here as long as he can remember. He knows everyone's names, and everyone knows him. "A lot of the girls are retiring, Rose has been 38 to 40 years, Phyllis has been here 37 years."

Jake Kolleth is the race and sports book manager. He's sad to...
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It is sad. I first went to Vegas in 1995. Since then, Silver City, The Sands, The Desert Inn, Boardwalk, the Stardust, the New Frontier, Westward Ho!, Bourbon Street have closed. :(

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