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Jan 23, 2007
Cardiff, UK
I tried out Lassiter. but the slots are very poor. I tried to withdraw my money but they are prevaricating with the old ID trick. It is only $37 so I have told them to send it to a charity and send me proof that they have done so. Beware.
Sorry you feel hard done by.
Lasseters are very good actually, but they do ask for ID on initial cash-out & insist on sending your first payment by cheque (which they charge you for).

From their T&C's & F.A.Q.'s (Highlights added by me)
Check payments (withdrawals) from your Lasseters player account incur a US$5 fee. Your cheque withdrawal will be drawn by The National Bank of Australia and made out in your local currency where possible.

27. How do I collect my winnings?
Winnings are directly paid into your Lasseters account. Prior to withdrawing funds from your Lasseters account for the first time, you must provide us with a copy of a valid form of identification for the proof of your age. Your first withdrawal of funds will be sent to you in the form of a cheque through normal post. Once you have done at least one cheque withdrawal and we have confirmed it was cashed without any difficulties, your account will be upgraded to allow further withdrawal methods including NETeller and Firepay. To withdraw funds from your account please use the instructions below.

So I find myself repeating the same old thing:
ALWAYS read the T&C's before you deposit!

Again, sorry you were unlucky, but I personally would have 'invested' that last bit of dosh in an 'all or nothing' attempt to get a reasonable cashable amount ;)

Better luck next time! :thumbsup:

PS: When I joined there, I sent a scan of my passport. I played in $US, but when the cheque arrived it was in UK. No complaints from me!

Lasseters have relaunched under new software, out today.
This offers the option to play in the Euro and UK Pound as well as the dollar. The software promises to be better.
The slots are poor in that they don't give the huge bonus rounds as often as others, and some of them pay at only 94% or even less. Despite this, they are the only site that calculated and displays the theoretical return on each individual slot game. Some of their slots are over 97% return.
I hope the upgrade will not see an end to this.

Request for ID is pretty normal in the industry, but Lasseters require EVERY player to submit to the various checks and balances, however tiny their cash-in.
The first withdrawal is a cheque, usually in local currency if their bank can handle it. (UK players are sent cheques in UK Pounds). Despite the $2 check fee, you will escape the "thieving" exchange rates used by the webwallets, and this should negate the effect of the fee. After you have verified receipt of the cheque (you have to tell Lasseters the cheque reference number), they upgrade your player status so that you can withdraw to any supported method that has been used at least once to make a deposit.
Lasseters are regulated by the Australian Government, not a "juristiction of convenience" as used by many other casinos. This regulation requires them to play by the book, which often comes over as being pedantic in the extreme, as in the above fuss over $37.
so they use the cheque thingy as an address verification tool ? They could just send a PIN code instead and make their withdrawal process more flexible.
Despite this, they are the only site that calculated and displays the theoretical return on each individual slot game. Some of their slots are over 97% return.

That is to be applauded, although worth noting that Wagerworks casinos also do this as its part of Alderney gaming regulation.
Lasseters slots are around 92%, they boast govt regulated, that 92% is the set govt standard according to their C/S, I had a bad run there a while back and closed my accounts after a disastrous few months, the slots are fun, the C/S is excellent, they always pay, however with M/G being around 96-97% it sure makes for a better chance to see a return.
Lasseters is licensed and regulated by the Treasury Department of the Northern Territory in Australia. They also have a terrestrial casino in Alice Springs (which was in the movie Priscilla Queen of the Desert).

If they owe you money - they will pay you. They have to get audited by Treasury, and they would be penalised heavily under their license for doing anything unfair or illegal.
It's hardly an ID "trick" when it's stated very plainly in the T&C's that they will be asking for ID upon your first withdrawl. This is why it is so so important to read the terms and conditions before depositing. If there's something you don't like or can't comply with, don't deposit. It really is that simple. If you deposit before reading the T&C's then it's no ones fault but your own when you dislike their cashout procedures.

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