Las Vegas USA?


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Jul 30, 2003
lala land
Has anyone played or heard anything about Las Vegas USA (playtech)?
I tried to do a search here but its coming up with anything that has Vegas in a post. Its also NOT on the reccomended I thought I'd see if anyones played there.
Thanks! ;)
Ah, memories of godzillions of hands of pontoon played at LVUSA, Twin Aces and VCO.

They started out as RTG, and were the best of the stable by a country mile. For some inexplicable reason they switched to Playtech two years ago, spawning two or three other casinos in the process, and are now adequate if otherwise nondescript. Aside from the famous Danish problems - which MAY now have been resolved but don't quote me on that - there have been no payment issues.
Played there, won there, got paid no problems. That was a few months back though, but definitely while they were playtech.

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