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Jan 31, 2005
Spokane, WA
Did the initial signup bonus and busted out so I decided to do the second deposit bonus mentioned on their promotions page. Deposited $200 and wagered it 10x but never received the second bonus. Talked to live support and they said I could have received a second $100 on my initial deposit if I requested it but there was no second deposit bonus. However, since I had deposited again I was no longer eligible for that bonus. Decided I was done with them and decided to just cashout instead. Now they are telling my I cannot withdraw my second deposit that received no bonus because there is unfinished WR.

Basically I just want my money back from them. Had their webpage not listed a second deposit bonus for the people who don't finish with a profit on the signup bonus I wouldn't have made another deposit. Any advice here? The only response I've been able to get from the casino so far is that the are unable to process my withdrawal because there is unfinished WR.

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Doesn't sound right

Wow won't let you cash out your deposit? That is bad. You didn't collect any bonus on your second deposit? Can they possibly be carrying over the wagering requirements that were for your first deposit and bonus? This sounds like a screw job. :eek:

Later T-doggy :D

sounds like another PAB Casinomeister must be busy as hell these days :notworthy
Yeah that pretty much sums it up. There was no deposit on the second bonus despite the offer being present on the promotions page. The only possible WR that they could be claiming would have to be from the busted first deposit bonus.
Sounds right

At most casinos if you deposit and get a bonus and lose both the deposit and bonus I believe then with your next deposit there should be no carrying over of wagering requirements from the previous deposit and bonus. I'm pretty sure this is a screw job. I'd contact the Casinomeister and see what he says.

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