Las Vegas Sands Corp. CEO on On-Line Gaming

I find I'm a more disciplined gambler online. I get to know the slots I play. While new ones are introduced, old favourites don't disappear like they do at the B&M. I can take $25 or $50 and sometimes play a long time, sometimes not. A B&M trip for me is usually overnight, or at least 5 or 6 hours there if I go by bus for the day, and since I don't live in Vegas, much lower RTPs give me bigger losses.

I accept that sometimes I'm done in under 1/2 hour online... B&Ms usually find me spending more than I had planned.

I think either it's real ignorance, or fear of competition.
Judging by the results of the Harvard Medical School survey on a huge sampling of 40,000 it sounds as if you're in the average online gambler bracket there, Jasminebed.

This and other scientifically conducted surveys (as opposed to this nebulous "European survey" that Adelson refers to in a general unsourced comment that no-one seems able to find) found that online gamblers were not more prone to addiction.

There's quite a good rebuttal reported here, and John Mehaffey's Legal Poker Sites has a useful response too:

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Online gambling is more comfortable, while real casino gambling is more addictive. Of course the man wants everyone to go to Las Vegas, become addicted and leave with their pockets empty. With online gambling, you can pass a transaction without registering it and paying taxes for the income. While for the land based gambling, I'm not sure about it ...

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