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Actually Nash

He isnt a veteran. He just got into it about 2 years ago. He always hated gambling and never understood me until he started going to vegas for business. I couldnt pay him enough to go in the past and now he cant wait until he gets there

So,,,,,,I will tell him about the 3/2 6/5 :)

My brother said he stopped playing single deck because it ran slow and didnt pay and he couldnt understand but since Ive told him what you said, he said thank you, now he understands why he stopped lol

BTW....Im so jealous he is at the Venetian on the concierge floor as I write, for 3 days. lucky bastard lol
My brother said he stopped playing single deck because it ran slow
Great point which I never even mentioned as your brother points out single deck can be a very slow game as the deck is constantly reshuffled. Most casinos use some form of what is called the rule of 6. For example if 4 players are at the table, then 2 rounds are dealt,then the reshuffle-------3 players,3 rounds,then the reshuffle and so forth. Some casinos will deviate a little from this and maybe get an extra round in especially if just 1 or 2 players......certainly alot of aggravating down time but there are positives as the slower play preserves your bankroll as less hands are played per hour, helps build up your hours of play for rating (comp) purposes without having to put as much moolah at risk in any given hour and most casinos never adjust the hours played based on whether you play 100 hands heads up from a shoe per hour or 50 hands from a pitch single deck game per hour, and of course single deck at 3/2 generally has the lowest advantage to the house,etc........That being said, like for your brother, single deck is just too slow for me also,:) :thumbsup:

Like I said before, he's not a high roller and I would bet my pet that he doesnt even use a card. He never has to pay for anything because everytime he goes (well 99%), its for business so he racks up tons of hotel program and airline program points. He travels 3 out of 5 days by air for work
we stayed at the flamingo last year and loved it. it was so hard to resist staying there this year but I want to experience a new hotel every year..(we try to visit twice a year) so this year it was ballys and I loved it as well! the location was great, the cleaning staff didnt bother us in the morning and when we called to house keeping they actually came! the best part is that they let us check in at 6:30am, (before we left we called up and they said it would be most likely we wouldnt be able to check in til mid afternoon) we also had a view of the strip! that was a first.. our room views always

I was very impressed with the bathroom at the wynn, my husband was walking out of the bathroom at the same time I was coming out of the womens and we both looked at each in amazment and mouthed "OH MY GOD!" cos the bathroom was so fancy. :D
for cool chocolate

If you love chocolate with unique combos, go to Voge at Ceasars .
Weng Lei is great chinese at Wynn
Go to the original strip for fried twinkies!!
Best BJ game on the strip is at TI. Double deck 3/2 pay on BJ,double after split allowed. The spread it at lower limit($10 min) tables as well.

Last time i was there ran insanely hot. We went on a last minute trip on friday the 13th of all days(10/13/06). I took 10k for a 4 day trip. Sat down around 1 pm. and bought in for $800. Played for a couple hours and was up to about $3500. So i decided to take a shot and bet $1k on the next hand(5k table max). Well i won that hand and about 8-10 more in a row. I just kept pressing my bets and occasionally dropped the bet when i would lose. It just seemed like i couldn't lose for the next few hours. I cashed at 8 pm for our dinner at Delmonicos and i was up to 65K.

So when we get back from dinner my friend decides to crash for a few hours in the room but i am too excited so decide to play so more BJ. I'm trying to preserve the win so i only take $2k down with me. I picked up right where i left off. I won another $50K. I come back to the room wake up my friend to brag and i'm up to a little over $130K the first day.

Needless to say we had a really good time the rest of the trip. A 12K trip to the Spearmint Rhino. Several nightclubs later, actually met Chuck Lidell at an after hours club under the Barbary Coast, and a couple of losing days drop my profit down to $45k. But it was still the best time i ever had and by far the most i've ever won, 10K was my max before this. At least now i get some really great comp offers, they think i have much more money than i actually do. But maybe i can squeeze a free trip out of them before they figure it out.

Good luck to everyone.
All I can say is WOW! Wow to winning so much, living like ya have it, and to losing so much back. What a great ride! Thanks for sharing.

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