Las Vegas casino fined over gambler's card table dance


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Dec 16, 2004
Las Vegas casino fined over gambler's card table dance

A Las Vegas casino is to pay a $250,000 (£162,127) fine for allowing a gambler to dance on a card table during a game.

Caesars Palace settled with Nevada regulators who accused the casino of failing to protect the game and its patrons, according to documents.

The high-stakes gambler cavorted on a baccarat table and placed bets while a game was in progress last October.

The state gaming control board said Caesars' security should have stopped him from behaving in such a manner.

Over a 45-minute period during high-stakes gambling the patron "climbed onto the baccarat table from his chair, walked on his baccarat table and placed baccarat wagers before returning to stand on his chair and eventually sitting"

From BBC
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Feb 10, 2009
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Hiya: On one hand you can ask, 'How can a big Casino let this happen"? On the other hand, "High Rollers" are treated differently/better than the rest of us. Like it or not, this is the way it is.

My Example from Wynn Casino a couple years ago:

I am playing Roulette. I have several thousand $ in $100 chips, in my coin bucket. "stop laughing at me":oops: I am going around the tables placing bets every once in a while. Then i decide to bet 0/00 on 2 tables next to each other, at the same time.

After i placed the bet on the 2nd table, the Pit Boss came over and removed it. She said you can only have chips in play, at ONE table at a time. It was OK because i won the bet on the first table.:cool:

A few days later i go to play in the High Limit Room. Min bet on single 0 Roulette is $100. "Yes, i had my coin bucket again".:p I notice a guy is already there. He has $500 chips all over the table, "BOTH OF THEM". When he stopped to go eat lunch, i asked the Pit Boss there, "who knows me" "Why can he play 2 tables at the same time, and I can't"?

I was told, 'When you have a 2 million dollar line of Credit, we let you do pretty much what ever you want to".:)