Lapilanders €30K winnings? Not so fast!

Be careful, they can confscate all wins and deposits at least for and other sister least you have MGA..evobet has antillephone total crap..3600usd stuck at accuser is also my judge how verified TWICE but accused of VPN..sent them all evidence refuting this and they remain silent
Im so sorry. You need a miracle. By experience and after reading all reviews and complaints against this company it will take a miracle to pay you. It was a mistake to announce it here that you used vpn and they may use it against you unfortunately. I really hope MGA will side with you on this as I am battling the same issue but in my case i dont have VPN, i just visited a nearby hotel in the same city and they accused me of VPN.

12.10 Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to void any winnings and forfeit any balance (winnings and deposits) in your betting account, to terminate the Agreement and/or to suspend the provision of the Services or deactivate your account if:

i) we identify you have disguised, or interfered, or taken steps to disguise or interfere, in any way with the IP address of any Device used to access our Site (such as using a Virtual Private Network “VPN”)
Update 5:

Following yesterdays balance voiding, the casino also decided to reject my then-ongoing withdrawal, which I had to resubmit. Please don't ask me why, but with the amount left in my account being €5200, I decided to use €200. And guess what. I now have a new balance of €19.000. Funny how you manage to hit a streak of ridiculous luck when your money is caught with an operator like this. This brings my "legitimate" balance to €10.200 stuck with this operator.

Anyways, I sent an email to support advising them that I broke their €5K/day limit again and demanded that they do not reject my ongoing withdrawal while making any adjustments and requested arrangements to increase the withdrawal. Considering that they will very likely go to extreme lengths to have the funds remain, I think they will do the following:
- Deny withdrawal limit increase
- Employ maximum withdrawal time frame of 72 hours per withdrawal
- Enforce monthly withdrawal limit of €7K
- Void winnings above 10.200 AND reject ongoing withdrawal, forcing another 72 hour processing period.

I have decided to only do 1 spin of a random game once per month until all my funds have been withdrawn. And I don't expect the full process to be completed until March. The reason for this is that the terms also indicate that inactive accounts are subject to closure or maintenance fees at the operators discretion.

Update 6:
In the mean time. I found that the CEO of this operation is a Greek national named <snip>. And am having some serious thoughts towards what to do, and how to go about it with regards to this. Currently, I am thinking of writing a short article outlining this entire experience to share over social media platforms where Campeon recruits customers, affiliates and new staff as well as with journalists and publications in the markets where L.C.S Media are active.

To some degree, it strikes me that I have become 'too big to fail'. Or rather, too big to not gain traction with journalists, bloggers and other outlets. My total winnings at this site now amount over €50K. Irrespective of T&Cs, it is not a good look for an operator of gaming brands.
Update 7:
The MGA replied to me yesterday, stating that I need to turn to the officially designated mediator for L.C.S Limited. In this case it is MADRE, so I filed my complaint yesterday. I guess it is true, the MGA primarily protects its licensees and not the players.

Have a nice day folks.
Wow. These damn scammers man. Not sure how your case finally went, I know im replying to an old comment. I have looked up the greek myself, for me it was much smaller ammount. Yes MGA are no longer valid licenses, I got better help from Curacao authority.

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