Question Lapdance based slot with actual nudity.


Can anybody remind me of the name of this slot? It was a 3x3 all ways pay slot, the gimmick was based abound a lapdance club. At higher stakes there were (clothed) dancers in the backround, the main symbol was a stylized pink dancer, and each one you collected on separate spins added to a bonus round. Each win could be gambled on red/black and there were about 5 different videos that played after a succesful gamble. Each successful gamble within the same round enabled you to see more of the video. At the 5xdoulble (i.e in in 32 chance) it got to topless nudity on one of the videos. I never got further or that far in the other videos. Anybody know the slot I'm talking about?


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I normally shoot my load before the free spins so I can't be of much help.

Still, doesn't really need a name does it. I just call it the Happy Game.


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IIRC it was on a dodgy casino beginning with the letter Q cannot for the life of me remember it was pimps and lapdancers and was very graphic indeed! The casino is probably long gone. :thumbsup:

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