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Mar 1, 2011
toronto ontario canada
I know there's been many discussions on RTP tried to find another thread but when I go to search and type RTP nothing comes up so here is another thread on the topic.
I'm more interested in what your land base RTP is and are the RTP listed on the machines?

I recently did a review on CasinoRama on there website and Tripadvisor. Aside from the casino part of my review, I brought up the RTP and why they not listed on the machines so we the players can make a better decision in the slots we want to play.

I want to make players aware and inform players of Ontario that there are many choices since our own seems to be getting more greedy etc.

CasinRama did reply even though the RTP is not listed the reply said. They go by the regulations and min RTP allowed after millions of spin is 85%. Ok min is 85% but this is vaguely and no information for the players as to how many are set to min etc.

I feel they want to control the monopoly but it's backfiring as more and more people are becoming aware. You can tell this have changed extremely. Going to land base used to be exciting but the ambience has changed. they keep cutting back which then we cut back our spending and then they cut back even more, which they're really kicking themselves this is in my opinion anyway. They put out these flashy machines full of sound and colour but that's all they are they rarely deliver. I found the 90s and early 2000 was the best time for Ontario casinos. Will be interesting in the future with many of them run by Gateway which many say casinos have gone downhill since.

The only thing I'm looking forward to is the new site in 2020 now that Bede is overhauling it.
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Feb 23, 2013
all i can say is after 4 trips to vegas and playing alot of slots and taking in to account what was going on around me with the other punters the slot play was diabolical like you say lots of flashy looking games but the pay back just awful never seen any big wins to anyone the whole four trips ive been enough said i think


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Mar 13, 2008
As far as I know, that 85% would be across all denominations, with higher coin values having higher payouts. You are far better off playing a classic $1 machine at $3 a pop than a penny machine at $4 a spin. I think 1c and 2 cent machines typically give less than 83%, and you see them taking up more and more real estate on the casino floors.


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Apr 2, 2011
Just got back from Rama and I said the same thing to other players about the RTP, Some are set at the min, others may be set higher etc etc, I still think they are lower than the minimum just a hunch. they just layed off a bunch of people and it's sad and a joke up there and their days are numbered. We got a bonus cash for today only, get up there and the system is down for most of the morning, Quite a few were asking and upset including me and both people at the desk ahead of me were not happy about other things, Half the washrooms were out of order and nothing was paying mostly, Lot's of features being hit though but most of the ones I hit were all low paying like under 10x.

You are right, the best times was back in the early days and it's a different feeling in casino's now and I see more problem gamblers now than ever. I was thinking of going for a night in Sept but I really don't think I will do that with how bad it is there and maybe do Niagara for a night or 2.