Lakers/Celtics Who you taking and why?


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Mar 11, 2005
Alright here we go again. Should be a classic slug fest. The "Big" Lakers vs the " 4 man gang" celtics. Age vs Age. Who shall win??? I'm taking the Celtics in 7!!! Go celtics!!!

Hoping Pierce and Rondo have a huge series and just out shoot the Lakers!!!

The Lakers inside game of Bynum and Gasol will be tough to defend. LEts see what Kevin Garnett has left!!! Go Celtics!!!

Being a Knick fan this is a horrible series for us!!! lol We hate Boston and the Lakers both!!!


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Apr 18, 2010
Cleveland, Ohio
For the 12th time it Celtics vs Lakers in the NBA finals.

I am on the Celtics in this series, they have gone through the best in the NBA and got the job done.

The 1st round alot of people were picking Miami to beat em, they took care of the Heat.

They had NO chance in the 2nd round against the Cavs and they took The king and Cleveland out in 6, than it was on to Superman and the Orlando Magic where they ripped the cape off of Howard and took them down in 6 as well.

Celtics win the World Championship in 6 games