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Jul 19, 2005
Me and a few mates subscribe to a magazine called

This months edition ran a promo of 25 free and 777 sign up bonus.

One of my friend opened an account before me but for some reason, security they said, they needed to speak to him. I was at his home at the time watching the french open and after they had finished the security bit, he asked them a question as the terms and conditions did seem a little vague.

I WOULD LIKE TO POINT OUT AT THE TIME, THERE WAS NO 100% 777 on the SITE. This is important

In the terms and conditions it says:-


Additional Purchase Promotions:

Signature offer: $50 FREE (no purchase required), 100% MATCH BONUS up to $777(first purchase only).

This promotion is limited to the first purchase made by the invited Player after acceptance of the FREE MONEY, and is for use at LAKE PALACE CASINO only.

This signature offer means that, over and above your gift of $50 FREE, LAKE PALACE CASINO will credit you with a BONUS (maximum $777), which is EQUAL to 100% of the amount of your first purchase after acceptance of the FREE MONEY. This means, for example, that if the purchase is $50 you will receive a bonus of $50 FREE. If the purchase is $777, you will receive a bonus of $777 FREE.

The purchased amount is required to be wagered in full.

The signature offer promotional bonus will be automatically credited within 24-hours, after the appropriate required minimum wagering requirements have been met.

This signature offer is available up to a maximum of $777 and can be claimed only once per person, family, household address, e-mail address, credit card number, and environments where computers are shared (e.g. university, school, public library, workplace etc.).

LAKE PALACE CASINO reserves the right to change the offer, adjust the bonus terms and conditions, or deny a proportion of the bonus due to Player misuse.

This offer is good for the purchaser only and is not transferable.

Now we were a tad confused as we didnt know if we were existing as we had signed up, got the 25 bonus and then could claim this 777 bonus.
The reason being, somewhere else in their terms and conditions it does say, and I agree it does, that the sign up offer is not available to GBP players.

So, in the conversation my friend said, "The terms are confusing, can I claim the 777 in GBP or not." Quite a straight foreward question.

This is the reply in an email:-
Thank you for your patronage at the Grand Priv Group of Casinos.

I refer to our conversation earlier on and am pleased to advise that your account

has been credited with a bonus as advertised in magazine.

Your account was referred to our promotions department and they advised that in

order to qualify for the first purchase bonus, you will need to make a full purchase

of 777 pounds at once to qualify for the full 100% match.

They will credit the first purchase bonus only on the first transaction.

Lastly, let me take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and understanding while we were running security checks on your account and please do not forget to register your credit card details as discussed.

Adam Smith (He is a supervisor) will be pleased to know that we have attended to your query and hopefully resolved any issues. Please note that this email has been copied to him.

So my friend tells me and I go right, Ill have a go.

Deposit 777 wager it once (Winning 123 :) :) )

Then wait and no bonus. Emailed them asking where bonus is and get the following:-

As per Mr. Adam Smith, the email sent to **** ***** was specifically
related to his account at the time.
Kindly note as per our terms and conditions - "The first time sign up
bonus is available to USD, CAD and Euro accounts only"

So now they are saying that they told my friend he could have it in GBP but they meant it to be only him and no one else.

I know I should have checked the rogue but never realised that any Microgaming casino would ever be rouged as they always seemed so fair, now I see there is 2. Sorry state of affairs.

Just to warn any others that their emails meen jacksh**

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