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May 5, 2006
Costa Rica
Has anyone played here??

I found them advertised on a couple of sites (probably related).

On one of them, they were ranked better than a lot of respected casinos out there. So I decided to visit their site:

Honestly I didn't like it. A site that doesn't provide information such as location, software provider, phone numbers or chat is just a "don't risk your money there" site.

However is the first time I ever heard of them.

Further research showed that they use Wager21 software, which I have never heard of...

Any experiences with the casino or the software?

I'll appreciate your comments

I have had experience with them. Please note they are NOT on Casinomeister's approved list but before I gained some experience with the casinos I played there and also at a sister site, Goldbetting. They took my USA credit card, which was probably reason #1, and reason #2 is that they were no download. I played Goldbetting without any problems. I don't remember cashing anything out but I may have. Ladydream is another matter. I played video poker there on and off for several days. I hit a royal flush. I had over $11,000 in the account when they locked me out. Gave me some nonsense about playing an affiliate of theirs I have never heard of and charging back something on my credit card, which I never did. Anyway, they have a new representative, Todd, who I have emailed and his last reply to me was beginning of June saying he would look into it for me. I hope they stay on Casinomeisters black list forever! They made up a lie to stiff me.
Now, I have played at many other approved casinos without incident, my only problem is not knowing when to cash out and it has gotten the better of me recently. But I am an honest player. I will be surprised if I ever see my money from Ladydream. I wouldn't play there. And the sites that recommend them are bogus. Ask Bryan, he will tell you. I don't like being cheated, as you can see.:mad:

I knew I was right..

You wouldn't believe how they were ranked by some site...

They were on top of tons of respected casinos.

The site claims to be a watchdog site providing protection for the customer...

Those are the type of sites I would like to trash and send directly to @%@%@#

Bunch of scammers... They work for the money and not in benefit of the industry.
That's why this forum is so great!

That's why this forum is so great! Someone has always had experience, good or bad, to share. We also need to keep the bad ones mentioned from time to time so those casinos can see what they are losing just because they are cheats! I hope they stay blacklisted forever. My new emails to Todd have gone unanswered. :mad:

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