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Ladbrokes - your opinions please ?

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by 5ta, Sep 26, 2015.

    Sep 26, 2015
  1. 5ta

    5ta Experienced Member

    West Midlands
    Myself I can't speak from sports betting of any sort but I do play their casino/vegas and games.

    The two problems I have are obvious I guess: Bonuses and wins vs losses.

    The accumulated free money bonus where you have to play off £1,000 to earn £1 is as pitiful as the VIP reward bonuses. I get repeated emails saying things like (not official quotes) "You can't miss this" and pretty much "OMG YOU WONT BELIEVE THIS BONUS!!!!" to find they are all deposit 30/50/100 and we'll double it type of bonuses which are, in relation to VIP membership, or indeed non VIP membership, in my opinion poor. I never take them. That aforementioned 0.1% reward scheme is piss poor.

    In my experience win to loss ratio on Ladbrokes is the same no matter what I do. I have to lose lose lose, before I win and then lose lose lose before I win again. And then when I do get a win, regardless of whether I keep it or not, I then face having to lose that much before anything happens on the win side.

    I have been playing there on and off for years and I have come to the point where I just give up with Ladbrokes. I know, I agree, my play there is nothing to really found a grounded opinion on if anything is ever going to change but it has gotten tedious now.

    I read someone saying something similar about skyvegas and I have to partially agree but I am not quite as near to give up there yet.

    Sorry for the apparent whinge but I wanted to see what you guys and gals have to say about Lad-broke. I get the feeling they are a cold hearted company.
  2. Sep 26, 2015
  3. Deeplay

    Deeplay New World Order CAG mm1 webmeister

    Works For Self
    The biG Eu
    Ladbrokes used to be on top of the game when it came to online but those days long gone. Support truly sucks
    the site sucks utter crap to try navigate your way round. Promos some of the worst I have seen. Only thing going
    for it was (if i recall) pretty fast withdraws. Binned them off a long time ago. They are massive so dont give 2 shits
    about the online version and what people may think.
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  4. Sep 26, 2015
  5. KasinoKing

    KasinoKing WebMeister & Slotaholic.. CAG MM PABnonaccred webmeister

    House-Husband and Casino Advisor
    Bexhill on sea, England
    That sums up Ladbrokes perfectly in one short sentence! :thumbsup:

    They were my No.1 casino for many years when they had MG software and truly DID have the best bonuses on the net. But since they dumped MG at the end of 2013, they turned to manure - so bad I even stopped listing them on my websites. :(
    They are still a SAFE place to play, but if you want decent bonuses and to be treated like a valued customer, there are LOADS of better places to play.

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  6. Sep 26, 2015
  7. spintee

    spintee Meister Member webby mm2

    gambler :)
    I have an odd deposit, But the bonus are shit and CS are useless at the best of times, Last time I rang up it was an Indian call centre, Took about 30 minutes just to get my user name right,

    You be crazy to miss this, Deposit 20 get 2 free, Yhe right I be double crazy to take the offer, for every 50 you spend you get 1 free spin :eek: I really do not know what changed with this site,

    It was an outstanding site No1, Good bonus, Great CS, Fast payouts, It all went up in smoke over night,
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  8. Sep 26, 2015
  9. Deeplay

    Deeplay New World Order CAG mm1 webmeister

    Works For Self
    The biG Eu
    Yup nothing wrong with the wonderful country and people of India but having a call center over seas for a major UK bookie really does suck! I remember going through to support months ago when I was "thinking" of re-activating my account. And could not understand a bloomin word of what was being said with all respect to the operator at the other end. When Im talking spending my money I need to be understood. I hung up and never bothered in the end. Ladbrokes one to avoid if your looking good support and decent promos. No problem getting paid though so maybe that's enough for some people. But with today's market and so many really top class outfits to choose from why settle for anything remotely close to second choice. Its a players world these days (at least for EU/UK players ) where we can pick n choose :cool:
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