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Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
ladbrokes definately have an issue when it comes to email support.

On the webpage it give the code as CA12001 for that promotion, and it usually helps to mention it in the email subject. Having said that, I have had a number of issues with the scratchcard promotion, however they sorted it out without responding.

besides for that (and the issue of maximum withdrawal of 2K per day, unless you contact them to make a larger withdrawal which they will do for you) their payments are very fast, which is a big positive in this industry. They pay to a card and is recieved in about 2 working days.

The bottom line is, their support has alot of room for improvements, and quite strange that a company such as ladbrokes, even need to be told such a thing.

This is about the ONLY lesson they have learned from last time round. HOWEVER, when they REMOVE THE BLOODY PAGE, how can I then tell them the promotional code.

This is now turning into a total FARCE, after giving them the information they wanted, confirming which promotions were causing the issues, I got this bland reply today:-

Thank you for your e-mail.

Please accept our apologies for any delay in receiving any scratchcard
due to your account over the past few days, however, sometimes, delays
are due to technical issues out of our control, not necessarily linked
directly to Ladbrokes.

We endeavor to offer our customers the best service possible and again,
we apologise if this has not been achieved on this ocasion.

If we can be of any further assistance, please contact us again and we
will be more than happy to help you.

Translation - back to square 1 - start all over again after Boxing Day,

This seems to be from their F*&^%$$ MANAGEMENT, not the front line CS, as yesterday CS forwarded my resume of the issues up to them. I expect they just wanted to get away for Christmas and just decided to fire off something from their "cut 'n' paste" response menu rather than spend what could be an unspecified amount of time solving the problems.
When they return next Monday, they will have forgotten all about this, and I will have to start all over again, and give them a THIRD resume of the two outstanding problems.

Well, even if you CAN make 4K per annum with these promos, it's BLOODY HARD WORK.

At least they are fair, they are doing this to everyone, even KK.

Good job I am keeping better records of this promotion this time, but even these do not seem enough when these errors compound themselves.

I have at least found where Playcheck is hidden, and can get hold of the ACTUAL credits, and the codes (not always accurate). This has shown that they do sometimes get it wrong in MY favour, crediting me 20 for what was a 10 scratchcard the previous day.
Having this 24 wait between play and credit makes the problem far worse, as it means that by the time problems are noticed, we are already into the next day, and it gets harder to work out exactly which scratchcards have been credited, since they all seem to be either 5 or 10, with an isolated larger one. They also use a third party company to generate and mail out the scratchcards, and I am certain many of these problems would vanish if they brought this all in-house. I suggested this last year, but it was rejected.

Their records seem good enough, but CS don't seem to understand them, as per my earlier post there was CLEARLY a missing date in the sequence, but CS simply forwarded this file to me as "proof" I had received all my scratchcards, and the issue was resolved. This just added yet another email rally and 24 hour delay before they fixed it.

Perhaps they need some more "encouragement" to knuckle down and improve the levels of CS. BelleRock were just as bad, and it took a great deal of negative postings about "bad CS" (with examples) before they seemed to want to take the issue seriously. Even now, there has been relatively little improvement in BelleRock - they even managed to break something by "mending it" with the only casino they had that used the standard MGS promotional claim system, King Neptunes. It took nearly 2 months for them to get it working again, and it is the ONLY BelleRock casino I bother with. I have not bothered with their auction game for a long while, no idea if that is as bad as it was (or indeed better or worse than Ladbrokes promotions).

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