Ladbrokes Aims at Danish Market


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Dec 12, 2000

Ladbrokes Aims at Danish Market

DENMARK As reported by the Copenhagen: "The world's largest betting company is making a concerted push to run gambling operations in Denmark. On Thursday, Britain's Ladbrokes appealed to the Danish government for permission to run betting operations and establish gambing shops in this country. Danish-based Tipstjenesten currently holds a monopoly on gaming activities nationwide.

"'This application is an official opening to dialogue between Ladbrokes and the Danish government. And it's a big step toward the fall of the gambling monopoly, thereby creating a Danish gaming market with far better financial prospects for the state as well as the Danish consumer,' said Richardt Funch, Ladbrokes' director in Denmark.

"Earlier this year, the Danish Parliament tightened legislation, barring foreign bookmakers from advertising in Danish media. The EC Court in Luxembourg overruled the Danish law last month"

- December 12, 2003