La Isla Bonita casino is ok?


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Dec 24, 2004
I would like play in this casino,someone has information about the reputation of Laisla Bonita Casino?
thank yuo
At least one other post about them that was found in a simple search of the forum ...

From Online Casino News April 2004:

Some weeks back we warned Danish players in particular about slow-pays and linked shenanigans at the Playtech-powered Scandinavian site Isla Bonita, and Got2bet mediator Bryan Bailey was all over a manager there called Roar. Roar certainly had an interesting repertoire of excuses for the delayed payments, which mainly centred on which bank was doing what and where, but the players remained unpaid. Then the site disappeared and with it Roar as emails were bounced in the middle of the negotiation. However, this is the Internet where you can run, but you can't hide unless you're very smart and it wasn't long before observant players noticed that Isla had undergone a quick identity change and a was sporting a brand new url - La Isla Bonita Bailey was on them in a flash, and perhaps recognising the inevitable, Roar had the Danes paid. Why the identity change? Well, the casino was not too specific, citing that great catch-all "Security reasons". But it was revealing that their notification of the new url was sent to everyone....except the mediator and Danish players. And Danish players are no longer welcome. Caution is indicated here - your nationality could be next!

And from Online Casino News May 2004:

We featured this online casino in Casino Cautions two weeks back for bad communications, slow-paying mainly Danish players and some quaint domain changes. This week the heat seemed to be again focused on this operation when Jan Gunnar Furuly, an investigative reporter on the staff of the Oslo, Norway based newspaper Aftenposten started asking questions in the Got2bet community. Apparently some sort of ownership struggle has been going on at the casino, which is technically operated from Warsaw in Poland where it has offices and a call centre. Aftenposten has received details on significant numbers of Danish players who are awaiting over-delayed payouts. Furuly has apparently established that in addition over a thousand Norwegians have invested in La Isla Bonita through a WGI company called Club Platinum Inc. and they are impacted by the ownership and possibly financial problems associated with this operation. It has also transpired (confirmed by Antiguan authorities) that contrary to its claims to be licensed in Antigua this is not so. If any of our readers have any useful information on this operation, Furuly would like to hear from them at tel: +47 22864008, mob: +47 91164210 or fax: +47 22864054.
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