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Jan 28, 2016
Hi guys,

Thanks for the feedback, glad you all enjoyed it!

FYI - all credits have now been made, good luck!

Many thanks,

Thanks for that Ryan

Can I make a suggestion regarding Fun Casino @RyanABC @L&L-Jan

If you run tournaments make it so players can find them. Theres no page on site showing what tournaments are ongoing, I found one on one of the book of games, but are players just supposed to open every single game, then click on the tab to find out if somethings going on? I've asked live chat and so far been on 20 minutes while he's trying to find out what is currently running. If it takes 20 mins for live chat then how do you expect players to participate? Surely a page having a list would be easy to apply, or even just on the promotions page?

EDIT: live chats response after 20 minutes

I have checked the games and I am afraid you would have to click on the games. They all have tournament tags to click on and see if there is a tournament

Seriously? lol
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