L&L Bonus Question Concerning Registration On Different Websites


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Jun 4, 2016
I wonder if someone may be able to help on this one and i hope its ok to write in this section.

A friend of mine is registered with Casino Casino (L&L) and just tried to register to another L&L Casino to play (Hypercasino). However it seems that registrations are working properly, but deposits seem to not work at all since it appears that L&L does not allow to register in different casinos of the group or is trying to prevent customers registering to multiple brands and use bonus offers.

My question is, anyone else experienced that?

And directed to L&L: Why isnt there any kind of registration checks (e.g. phone number) so that players will be rejected once they spare the time filling out your forms to no avail? Sorry, no complaint. Just an observation and i believe this could be resolved better.