Kudos to Lucky Nugget customer service!


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Jan 4, 2004
I have never wagered at Lucky Nugget Poker or Casino but just thought I'd point out something I think is pretty good.

I have tried to register at Lucky Nugget Poker and have had problems. I posted a message in the Casinomeister Poker forum about this on Feb 18th. I didn't bitch about it, just wondered why I was having trouble registering.

Well, Lucky Nugget Poker responded with a PM through Bryan, and then a PM directly to me through this site. I responded twice but apparently didn't get through because there was a new forum posting directed at me today from Lucky Nugget Poker, offering to help. This time I
e-mailed them directly.

Anyway, I think thats pretty good customer service since I didn't ask for them to respond and they keep trying to help me.

Thats all.


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That's awesome, I love me some good customer service. It'll win my loyalty even more than great bonuses. Palace of Chance is a prime example of this. I lost the first time I played there, but they emailed me, asked what they could do etc. Basically they were/have been/are amazing. Super fast and friendly response to any email queries I present. Just awesome service all around as well as a few 'surprise' bonuses they tossed in for good measure.


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