Kudos' to Lasseters/AusVegas


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Apr 16, 2005
:thumbsup: After seeing the post regarding "Lasseters/AusVegas going downhill, I am compelled to comment. I am by no means a high roller, but routinely play online casinos mainly for entertainment. I have played both Lasseters and AusVegas for the last few months. I have found their level of customer service to be outstanding. Always willing to respond very quickly to any inquiry and always follow through with any incentive/bonus programs advertised. I have requested withdrawls totaling appx. 1200.00 in the last six weeks and rec'd my payments promptly with a very quick turnaround time. While some may not be fully satisfied with the games they offer, I find them to fit my needs quite nicely. After having several problems with others in the industry, I feel that if all offered the level of professionalism provided by this group on a consistent basis the perception of online gaming would greatly improve. Myself the statement " going downhill" due to a change in the betting requirements for one of the games offered does not accurately reflect this groups performance.

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