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Nov 4, 2004
I deposited at Kiwi Casino after reading about their Thanksgiving bonus, which was 20%. I was kind of peeved when I didn't receive it. I got the 10% Neteller bonus instead. I went ahead and played anyhow, without complaint.

A couple of days later I got an email from them apologizing for their mistake, and crediting my account for the difference. All without calling support. I think many casinos would have tried to let something like this slide.

My purpose for this post is to give credit to Kiwi Casino for doing the right thing. After all of the problems we read about on here, it's nice to see an outfit show some class.

Let me note that I have no connection whatsoever with Kiwi, other than being a player there.
I had a similar problem to this. I deposited to receive a bonus offer but instead I was just given the Neteller bonus. This led to about 10 days in which they'd always take at least a day to respond to an e-mail. Sometimes they hadn't read my e-mail, other times they said they'd change things and didn't - eventually they gave the right bonus and agreed to the terms but then I wasn't able to withdraw. So another e-mail...

Finally it all worked out ok & they paid out quite quickly, so they do seem trustworthy - they'd get a much bigger :thumbsup: if they'd reply to e-mails quicker, though!
Same thing happened to me. They also changed the terms for the Thankgiving promotion from 10x bonus to 10x deposit and bonus which really annoyed me. I think they are probably amongst the better Playtech casinos but i personally don't trust Playtech software.
*It sux when the T&C is changed half way through! :( Sorry to hear that.
But playing the wolf in sheep clothes, you are SURE of this yes? *
I was told in the first e-mail that the Halloween bonus had expired on 28th October :what: Oh and the e-mail was addressed to the person I'd addressed it to rather than to me (& that's happened in both my encounters with Kiwi support!) :)
I had a similar experience,whic is related to their email bonus.
Last month, I got an invitation email from them about 20% neteller bonus which only required 10x bonus wage requirement. This is a decent deal so I contact one of their representative and got her confirmation. Then I began to play and try to withdraw after I waged above wage requirement. However, the withdrawal request is rejected and all the other representatives told me it is 10x(d+b). I contacted them with a lot of emails and finally the CS representative who confirmed this offer to me replyed. Frankly, she is very honest and responsible. She helped me to withdraw successfully at last. It took me one to two weeks for this issue.
I felt this casino generally is trustworthy since they still had very honest custom representatives :thumbsup: . But what i did not understand is that why they could not define their bonus term clearly. You can indicate the bonus term is 10x(d+b) from the begining since that is your right. But changing the terms after you issue the bonus offer is not a good.

Petunia said:
*It sux when the T&C is changed half way through! :( Sorry to hear that.
But playing the wolf in sheep clothes, you are SURE of this yes? *

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