Kudos to Guts


Dormant account
May 18, 2009
Yesterday I received 2 SMS for deposit bonuses from Guts. One of them was for a 250% welcome bonus. Since I've been a member since basically the beginning, I went to live chat figuring it was a mistake. They of course confirmed it was, so no big deal. I claimed the 50% bonus I was texted about and played (and lost lol). I just received an email telling me they were sorry for the SMS mistake and credited my account with a free chip for the inconvenience. Very impressed considering it really wasn't a big deal to me to begin with. I kinda figured it was a mistake. This is a complete contradiction from earlier this week at a different casino. I was sent 75%deposit bonus email. I made a deposit but it didn't credit. I contacted live help to be told that I was bonus banned. I have no problem with the ban but it really pissed me off that not only did they not notify me of the bonus ban but they were still sending me deposit bonuses but didn't honor the promo that was emailed to me (and yes it was an accredited casino). Anyway, huge Kudos to GUTS for as always showing their customers really matter. CHEERS


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May 13, 2014
Let me guess the 'other' casinos name wasn't something to do with a holiday on water and rhymes with the slang word for alcohol.


Get dunked, big buns!
Aug 29, 2012
You have to read and fully understand the Terms and Conditions and then translate them in to English first :p

You should be good to go sometime next year :thumbsup:

Yes indeedy, looking at their site one is taken aback by so many things, like their Everymatrix preference and Curacao 'license'.

Not sure about the sailor, who appears to have walked in straight out a Village People tribute act, but the women look 'like they partake in lots of exercise' :cool: