Kudos to 32 Red


Oct 19, 2003
I think it was last weekend when there was a discussion about cashouts over the weekend. Obviously 32 Red listened because I requested a cashout on Friday night and it was deposited into my Neteller account Sat. afternoon.

Thanks 32 Red!!!
yet another tale by a satistified player.

what a surprise. its 32red.

when i first started playing online i never knew that there were casinos that were going to be trouble.

i found this site purely by accident, searching for free bonus cash, and i am damn glad to be here.

too bad we all couldn't have been aware of the nightmare that can confront a player before we spend our hard earned cash at the rogues.

huge props to bryan and this site, and even more props to casinos that actually take care of their players.

i wish there were more like 32red...there'd be no complaint section on this site.
max1mike said:
yet another tale by a satistified player.
what a surprise. its 32red...

Yep, all this "hype" :rolleyes:

Or actually:

Referring to 32Red. Few weeks ago, i had one tiny "complaint",
so i sent PM to Ed, and i got a very professional reply within few hous!
...and a very nice gift :)

Thanks (again) 32Red! :thumbsup:
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I have had absolutely no time for gambling lately. Just received a 132 eur free chip in my account, with a message attached asking how I was doing and wishing me welcome back..

I don't know about you guys, but I like that in a Casino.. a decent free chip now and then can go a long way in creating customer satisfaction :)
I made a withdrawal Thursday evening, fully prepared to receive my money sometime Monday. After reading this thread, I just checked my account and my cash out was put into NETeller Saturday afternoon. Thank you 32Red!

I've only just begun playing here recently, but so far, I like what I'm seeing.

it comes as absolutely no surprise whatsoever that we hear of a Microgaming casino processing cashouts over the weekend and exceeding players expectations - and - surprise surprise... It's 32RED.

EVERY OTHER ONLINE CASINO OUT THERE - ARE YOU LISTENING!????? A lot of posters here are regular, legitimate customers of online casinos. The type you spend hundreds of thousands of advertising dollars/pounds to attract to your casinos.

Understand that it's no coincidence so many of us cite 32RED as head and shoulders above the rest. Exceeding a customer's expectations. It's not hard, just look after your players, then surprise them with how good you are.

I sometimes wish I ran an online casino, I really do. I'd nick absolutely everything that 32RED do, and offer them some real competition in the market!!! As it stands, they've got no other online outfit coming even close.

Surely the day can't be far away when the '32 RED GROUP of casino's' becomes a reality... Then everyone else in the business have REALLY got something to worry about.

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