Know a decent RTG slot?


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Took a No deposit bonus from a rogue casino just for a change of pace.
It's RTG software and I find the slots really boring and mediocre. Can anyone tell me of a exciting one? or even a loow variance one just for some action!!!
R.E. bonus disallows progressives. Not that I expect to win anything anyway or even be able to cashout if I did but you never know.

I'm so bored with this I'm thinking of just dumping the software with 70 bucks on it because it's just not any fun at this point. Or just go play table games but I'd likely do well and spoil chances of cashing anything out simultaneously.

I'm not familiar with RTG at all so even if you know of other allowed games besides slots that are fun for at least 10 minutes let me know please.


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my fave RTG slot is Mystic Dragon, can hit huge when its hot but yeah after i discovered marvel slots on playtech, i hardly play RTG any more - boooooring.


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Actually I find RTG slots very entertaining. Unlike Rival and especially MG, NONE of their reel series slots are clones. Its quite remarkable that they have so many reel series slots now (getting close to 100?) and they ALL have unique bonus rounds/features.

I would say that Tally Ho is pretty low might want to give that one a shot as the free spins (25) come up quite often.

I like Mystic Dragon as well, you can hit really big if you catch it at the right time.

Other personal favorites are PayDirt, T-Rex, and Big Shot.


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Triple Twister is pretty cool if you can hit a bonus round. My favourite is probably Enchanted Garden, and I like Paydirt a lot, as well as TRex and Naughty or Nice.

I like the bonus round on King of Swing too.


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RTG is still very fun.

These are all that kind of slot that kan hit big:

Mystic Dragon - high variance, can really hit big
Realms of Riches - expanding wilds on all reels in freespins :)
PayDirt - high variance with different kinds of freespin modes
London Inspector - stacked wilds on all reels
T-Rex - a fun kind of expanding wilds in freespins
Triple Twister - in freespin mode it can expand wilds in an awesome way

Other I come to think of now:

Coyote Cash - funny coyote, blows himself up (med-low variance)
Rudolphs Revenge - fixed betsize 2$/spin but fun
Hidden Riches - a bonus game where you can win up to 2000xbet


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I could be wrong, but there are no wilds on reel 3 of London Inspector? I think? The pay table doesn't say if I remember correctly, and I have never seen them on 3rd reel.

I also like King of Swing....but my computer really hates that game for some reason! Is it just me, or does this game take about one minute to load while all the others take 1-2 seconds?


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I could be wrong, but there are no wilds on reel 3 of London Inspector? I think? The pay table doesn't say if I remember correctly, and I have never seen them on 3rd reel.
You are right! I have never seen a wild on third reel either. And the paytable doesn't mention it either.
I have to bring this to the source, I read the info about stacked wilds on all reels on an interesting affiliate page which mainly focuses on beating slots.:D
And I have played on it after that and haven't thought of it until you mentioned it.
I will not play it anymore! :cool:

About king of swing, haven't noticed this. But I will check later on.


man u guys are soooo off - my winning experiences are these

1. mayan queen
2. crystal waters
3. achilles
4. penguin
6.year of the ox


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Gold Beard, when hot can pay really well.

Mystic dragon, if you can hit 5 volcanos is awsome!

Cleopatra's Gold, just good and consistant, but usually no real big hits. This one can retrigger often making it fun and interesting.


I used to love to play Crystal Waters but for the last few months it has been tight as hell. Anyone else noticed that?


Yep I've noticed that Crystle Waters seems really tight as well. Have stopped playing it for that reason. I (like just about everyone it seems) like Mystic Dragon. I also quite like Golden Lotus.