Knockout Punch


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Dancing ever so lightly on my feet, I float around my opponent trying to avoid being K.O.'ed. I suffer some minor blows, but it's ok...I've trained...trained for this moment all my life.

Second hand, third hand, forth hand.....all 19's or higher. Blackjack is against the ropes. I attempt to deliver the final blow. Bet big, hard and fast. (11 drops) I double down and laugh as I think about where I'm going to spend all my money.

Somethings wrong. What is that stinging sensation in my jaw? I've been hit. Dealer walks his way up to 21 as if nothing but low cards exist in his deck.


This fight has been going on all morning. Started with a free 15.00 bonus. Worked it up to 60.00 or so on blackjack. Then down as low as 10.00. At the moment I'm at 80.00. Cashout limit is 10x. So I'm trying to hit that magic 150.00 before I cash out and make a normal deposit.

It's so fun yet so frustrating. Curse you blackjack curse you.


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Have to take a break I guess. Was hoping to update this thread saying I hit my goal. Made it up to $ 90.00 then went back down to $ 80.00, which is where I stand now.

Spouse is making me go eat. I mean really something so silly like eating over gambling. She doesn't have her priorities in order like me :D


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O yea. Finally made it to $100.00. Yea i know it's not a lot but I had fun trying to reach my goal of turning the free $ 15.00 into $ 100.00. It took sooooo long. Got a solid amount of play time out of it.

Anyway I guess it's only one thing left to do. LET IT RIIIIIIIIDE!!!!!!!


Is That Better?
Funny story, Cleveland!! :thumbsup: Even though it is "non fiction" it really made me laugh. We have all been there, or close to it! Thanks!