Klub8 Clueless CS


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Feb 25, 2007
Seeing on the news that CM had got a new accredited Playtech, I decided to check out Klub8. After rapidly busting out on my first three deposits, I hit a couple of nice slot features on my fourth, and went live support to check how my wagering was doing. It ended up taking pretty close to an hour to get a good answer.

Here is the chat log. Sorry about the lenght, but it is what it is :)
Hi, Welcome to Klub8 Casino! How may I help you?
Player17: Hey! Where can I check how much more I need to wager on my bonus?
Online Support: ok please hold on for a moment while im checking your account
Online Support: im still checking your concern.. please hold on for a bit longer
Player17: sure, no problem
Online Support: sorry for the inconvenience
Player17: This is taking quite some time..what seems to be the problem?
Online Support: for your 4th deposit bonus. you are required to wager atleast 4800 bets
Player17: 4800 dollars, yes
Player17: I am wagering $5 a spin so I should be a little under 1000 bets
Player17: My question was where I can find out how much I have left to wager?
Online Support: deposit+bonus x 12 = 4,800 bets. im still computing now your acquired wager so we can tell you how much bets you still need to wager.
Player17: OK, so you are saying that I could play 4800 bets at 1cent and be done with the wagering?
Player17: or do I need to wager $4800 AND place 4800 bets?
Online Support: as of this moment your acquired wager is 1740 so you must wage 3060 bets
Online Support: yes you need bets 4800 so you will meet your wagering requirements
Player17: please stop using "bets" if you are talking about dollars, are we talking about bets or dollars here?
Player17: I'll just adhere to the stated wagering requirements and assume I have wagered 1740 DOLLARS so I have 3060 DOLLARS left to wager, would that be correct?
Online Support: ok i will explain to you further. you will need to wager 4800 of your total bets and not 4800 dollars .
Player17: so you are saying that the bonus wagering requirement is 4800 BETS, not 4800 dollars?
Online Support: yes that's right only your total bets should be counted to meet your wagering requirments
Player17: So I could, in theory, deposit $200, get a $200 bonus, spin 4800 times with a 1 cent bet and withdraw?
Online Support: yes, however All bets in all versions of Blackjack, Baccarat, Darts, Heads or Tails, Video Poker, Pontoon, Craps, Roulette, 3-Card Poker, Casino War, Pai Gow and Casino Hold Em do not count into the wagering requirements.
Player17: This is a HIGHLY unusual way of calculating a bonus. Could you please double-check with another operator?
Player17: I am pretty sure I haven't placed 1740 bets..
Online Support: the 1740 bets is your total bets since you have made your 4th deposit
Player17: Did you check with another operator?
Angeli: HI , this is Angeli :)
Angeli: Do you have any confusions regarding your concern?
Player17: Hello! Yes, sorry for causing so much trouble
Angeli: No worries .. we are glad to be of help
Angeli: May I know what is confusing you?
Player17: The operator. :)
Player17: Do I need to make 4800 BETS on my bonus or wager (== DOLLARS?
Player17: 4800 <--- sorry
Angeli: Let me explain further regarding your wagering requirements
Angeli: FOr our deposit bonuses, once you have received it you are required to meet certain wagering before you can withdraw
Angeli: and in your case, you have already received your 1st four deposit bonuses which is our $700 Welcome BOnus Promotion
Angeli: You have already redeemed your first three deposit bonuses, meaning you have already lost your money and the bonuses as well
Angeli: So there is no need to wager anything for your first three deposit bonuses
Angeli: However, the bonus that you received in your 4th deposit is not yet lost and you still have money
Player17: So far so good, that was expected
Angeli: So in that case, you still have to meet your wagering for the 4th bonus that you received before you can withdraw
Angeli: the computation for your wagering requirement for your 4th deposit bonus is 12 x (Deposit + Bonus)
Angeli: That 12x($200 + $200) = $4,800
Angeli: what you need to do is to have a total bets of $4,800 starting on the date that you have made your fourth deposit to meet your wagering requirement
Angeli: and we have already counted your total bets from the date of your 4th deposit and you have already made a total of $1,740 bets..
Angeli: and to complete your wagering requirement you will need to have a total bets of $3,060 more on all included games
Player17: I agree completely, that was (although in a little shorter form) the answer I was expecting from your operator
Angeli: is everything ok now? :)
Angeli: or do you still have any questions? or confusions?
Player17: Well, you should really tell your operator how it works, as he/she does not have a clue
Angeli: I would be glad to answer it all for you...
Player17: Could you send email me a transcript of this log?
Angeli: Surely..
Angeli: :)
Player17: Excellent, thank you
Angeli: Or you can also copy our chat conversation in your chat window..
Player17: well, it's getting too long, I prefer an email :)
Player17: I would recommend that you read through it as well, there are some serious blunders in it from your operator. I guess you should sort it out.
Angeli: OK then.. we'll send it to you
Player17: Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it
Angeli: We apologize for the confusions.
Angeli: You are very welcome
Player17: No problem as long as it sorts out. Have a good day!
Angeli: Have a great day
(only edit is removing my real name)

It took over 40 minutes of incompetance before I was transferred to Angeli. Not only did I get clearly wrong information, the CS representative took his/hers sweet time doing so! :mad:

I love the part where the senior customer supporter guides me through the basics of a bonus. Wouldn't it be smarter to do the same with your first line CS so they could give correct answers for a change? :rolleyes:

Not the first casino I would recommend to anybody, but maybe that's just me..:)

</end rant>