WARNING Kiwi Poker, GamingPartners.com, ICC Group : Casinomeister Warning


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I regret to say that Kiwi Poker in general and GamingPartners.com in particular (now owned by the ICC Group) must be added to the "Warning" list.

After a month of trying we've had no response from them on a significant affiliate issue -- hence the GamingPartners.com side of it -- and that's not acceptable. They're quick to auto-reply and assign a "ticket #" but that's the last we heard from them: three tickets later and we've had enough.


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Just to add to this - that's all properties: Kiwi Casino, FastWin Casino, Tiki Bingo, Kiwi & Blackpool Bingo.

This is a real shame since at one time they were an outstanding group.

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