Kiwi making a US comeback?


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Oct 12, 2006
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Hmm, how interesting. Just got a newsletter from Kiwi Casino, the Playtech that pulled out of the US, with an offer "US Players get $6 FREE when you sign up at our sister site Kiwi Skill. "
First time I hear of this branch. Games available include blackjack and poker solitaire...anyone tried the site yet?

From their FAQ:
Q) Who is Kiwi Skill?
A) The Kiwi Skill Web site is owned and operated by SkillJam Technologies Corporation, of Delaware. SkillJam Technologies Corporation is based in Los Angeles, California, and is proud to be the leading online destination for casual games and skill games.

Q) What are skill games?
A)Skill Games are presently the fastest growing form of online entertainment! Registered Cash Players select their favorite game and pay a tournament entry fee. The player who earns the highest score in the tournament wins CASH!

Are these game tournaments considered gambling?
No. As defined by most states, gambling involves a "consideration" or "wager", an activity involving an element of chance, and a monetary or merchandise reward. Since all Kiwi Skill games are based on skill, and the skill of the player determines the outcome of any tournament, we do not consider our games to be gambling activities.

Your thoughts?
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When the UIGEI came into force, the legislation was ripped apart by a legal beagle from within the gaming industry, one Professor I Nelson Rose who pointed out that the wording related to games of chance. I forget the logic, but the upshot was he felt that skill games were "ok".

Skilljam are a fairly well known outfit in the arena so the two paths have obviously crossed :)
They suck!

I don't know what's going on with their signup system right now, but every single username (even random: a98274592875169) I tried to use, they say it's in use. They can kiss my a$$ :) No support contact even listed on the website...Ho Hum.

lmao...To get to the contact information you have to click on "Privacy policy" to get to the actual content of the website, if you initially went to xx My 12yo son could design a better site.
I tried to sign up at kiwi skill a few months back -- and couldn't. It wouldn't accept anything I put in. It kept telling me I already had an account. I even tried using my Kiwi casino ID, but it wouldn't take that either. They certainly aren't going to get many players if you can't sign up and can't get in touch with support. I immediately uninstalled.
I believe if you already had an account with Skilljam, you won't be able to open an account with Kiwi Skill. It would be nice if they included that bit of info in their emails and on the sign-up page itself.
I took the offer and tried the site a few months ago. Beware of the $6 'free' offer. It's just a come on. There was a thread about this.
There are a number of skill game places out there, the old timer being world winner. G&C has carried them for years and they are constantly gaining popularity. Mostly they are tournaments for all sorts of games, from solitaire through tetris through chess and various sports, you name it. Different places have different games, some can be found everywhere. Some of the pots can get good sized, but you can play very inexpensively. Great for low rollers.

Some 3 or 4 years ago the DOJ strong armed a then very popular skill game outfit (I forget the name now) to stop taking bets and they went offline. A shame too, really nice games. So the DOJ has targeted skill games before, this was around the time when paypal was forced to stop accepting gambling related transactions and google and overture etc. stopped taking paid gambling ads.

Personally I like skill games, they are fun and like the name says, you can build up skill and win some nice pots.

At world winner, after a 5 buck freebie, once you make one deposit (as little as 5 bucks will do) you can practice in free tournaments to your heart's content. And entering into the bigger pot tournies just costs a few bucks too. Game Colony is popular too. You can find them in the G&C tournament section. (Shameless plug for G&C skill games, mods please pull if out of place)
I believe if you already had an account with Skilljam, you won't be able to open an account with Kiwi Skill. It would be nice if they included that bit of info in their emails and on the sign-up page itself.

I've never even heard of Skilljam before this, so I definitely didn't have an account there. Oh well, just one less customer they'll have :)
Ah ha, I see US players have been long known about Kiwi Skill. Maybe KC noticed I wasn't depositing and decided to entice with the $6 offer.
I read the other threads how when you start winning, you need to deposit...well, sounds like the Mummy's Gold win up to $500 (or was it $200) in 1 hour promo, where you keep your winnings as a bonus, provided you deposit?

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