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Nov 11, 2005
Hi everyone...I am recently new to this whole online gambling stuff. I posted a post a few days ago asking about certain casinos..and Kiwi was one of them. I am really confused about this one. I have played there a few times...but never won enough to cash out. So its not like I have had a problem with anything yet. I am sort of confused on the reviews of this casino. Most people don't know much about it....and some say stay away. Other people say they are fine just takes a week to get winnings. Also, this casino is on the casinomeister's list of accredited casinos. So basically which is it? Is this casino ok or not? Does anyone know? I haven't really been able to get a clear answer. I mostly have used MG casinos...but for a change I wanted to try playtech. I am just worried that if I do win something I will have problems cashing out. So...if anyone could tell me anything I would appreciate this. Does anyone have or know someone with experience cashing out with these people? Also why are there so many bad reviews if its on the accredited list? Thanks for any info you can share. Hope you guys have a good day!

If a casino is on CM's accredited list, personally I would have no problems at all signing up and depositing. I just don't play Playtech anymore period, only because I think Playtech themselves have some issues that need to be addressed re: complaint process, etc. That said however, I would feel confident signing up under CM...just make sure that you familiarize yourself COMPLETELY with all wagering requirements, T & C's, and if you have anything you are unsure of, ask support prior to depositing and playing.

Maybe others have some more useful advice that I haven't thought of. Good luck!!
Kiwi has been listed here for a little over five years. During this time, they have had only a handful of complaints that I'm aware of. Most of these were dealt with promptly. I know of only one incident that raised a number of eyebrows when they accused a player of making abusive play, but this was resolved as far as I know. It was a bad managerial decison, and they admitted this. That's about it. They are a solid organization operating out of New Zealand, and a part of the land based Christchurch Casinos, NZ.

It's a solid casino. At least in my experience, I would think that it should rank amongst the best in the industry. A lot of PlayTech's have earned their bad reputations, but there are a handful that are quite good, and this would be one of them.


kiwi is good. cashout takes 4-5 days and before the first cashout they need a copy from the id and maybe from the credit card.
but this is normal at playtech. i like the playtech software specially the variants of blackjack. but i play all playtechs without the bonus. i play permanently 7 - 10 playtechs and until now there are no problems.

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