Kiwi Casino Only Reputable Playtech?


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Nov 19, 2002
I thought Kiwi Casino was the only Playtech casino on Casinomeiter's Reputable List. I don't see it included right now. Wasn't it on here before? Is it still a good place?
bethug said:
paul, i believe they ask to be removed.

Hi Bethug:

Yes you are right KIWI CASINO as well as I beleive it was CITY CLUB were on Bryans Reputable Casino list. But due to some issue with PLAYTECH themselves Bryan removed them from the list. But again I don't think it had anything to do with KIWI or CITY CLUB at least not that I remember. Have a good one.
I dont really understand. If RTG casinos can make it on the list despite RTG's hands-off approach,why cant Playtech. I am pretty sure that there are many less playtech rogues than there are Rtgs. At the very least there is no such thing as a faxback form to create harassment.

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