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Jun 30, 1998
Hi All,

I've just been informed that Kiwi Casino (Cryptologic) is switching to Playtech. Since they were Casinomeister's "Casino of the Year 2001" I'll be assisting any players who have questions concerning the move.

Any questions? Post them here.

Shouldn't be much of a problem since they run a pretty tight ship.

Dear Player,

Kiwi Casino will be having its biggest ever upgrade on October 15, 2002. For you this means 60 all-new games, new payment options and a generous welcome cash bonus especially for you.

As of midday October 15 (EST) the existing Kiwi Casino software will no longer connect online - and you will not be able to play, deposit or withdraw using this software. The new software will be available on October 15 after midday. If you take no action before October 15 you're account will be refunded in full on or after October 16. To assist the speedy delivery of your refund you can:

Step 1 - Request a withdrawal of your funds from your current Kiwi Casino account before October 15, using the cashier inside Kiwi Casino. (Kiwi Casino will be using a new payment provider 1ATM Cyber processing. If you can't request a withdrawal before October 15th - your existing payment processor E-Cash Direct will automatically refund your funds. Kiwi Casino has taken every step to ensure these are paid out promptly, ultimately this is the responsibility of E-cash Direct.)

Step 2 - I will send you an email on October 15, with full details of how to access your new account details and full instructions to get you started with the new casino software.
For you, Kiwi Casino's major upgrade means that the mountainside setting has been extended to bring you...

60! exciting new and improved games and fantastic new game features.
New ways to deposit and withdraw from your Kiwi Casino account. These include Neteller, Citadel, Prepaid ATM, Paypal as well as Wire Transfer, Bank Draft, Mastercard and Visa - so you'll have plenty of options to fund your account to win!
Plus as your welcome gift you will be able to claim a 100% deposit bonus AND win a $500 account top-up! That's right, as a special introductory offer to you as a current Kiwi Casino player, you'll also receive a 100% welcome bonus on your first deposit. In addition there are 10 prizes of $500 each to be given away when you log on to the all-new New Kiwi Casino before the end of October! (You can see the full details as soon as the new site goes live on October 15th)
Thank you for your patience, with all that the new software has to offer, I'm sure you'll enjoy the Kiwi Casino Experience more than ever before.

Warm regards

Paul Russell
Casino Manager
Hi Brian,

Yes, they did announce it. But it wasn't in the pasted email above. This was on their site as well "As of midday October 15 (EST) we are upgrading from Cryptologic to Playtech software. From this point the existing Kiwi Casino software will no longer connect online."

I'm a complete newbie to casinos on line but I read a lot and have been doing a lot of homework. I am impressed with this site and have read enough to accept your recommendations. At least until I read that After recommending Kiwi they are moving to Playtech.
Yikes. I have two experiences so far. One with Gala International Gibraltar where I managed to bet enough to win my deposit and bonus back. And they coughed up on time with no arguments.
The second was with Club Dice. Boy did I get spanked. I lost my $400 and the $75 bonus. The initial loss was possibly down to my dangerous Parlay betting system which served well before. However the figures don't stand up. I kept a tally and out of 803 bets (totalling $6760) I won 334, the house won 395 and there were 74 pushes. I held on grimly for life but they kept pulling rabbits out of hats. If I got twenty they would miraculously produce a 21 (from a 6!). Particularly interesting was the cluster of High cards. Blackjacks would always be challenged with 20's or 21's.
It just all felt wrong. The statisticians can pick the bones out of the numbers and I have a breakdown of the sequence if anyone wants them (though not down to the card values). I have played enough offline now to know when it feels wrong.
I have learned from your site and "the wizard of odds" that the gameing engine is critical. That being the case I am not gonig anywhere near a Playtech again.
...In fact I just took time out, at the risk of boring everyone, to do a visual count. Look at this for a losing run: LLLLPLLWWWLLLLLLLLLWWLLLLLLLPW. With a few doubles thrown in. Yikes and that's using perfect basic strategy. I never once left the strategy even when I had to double against my instinct.
I count at the high end, 1 run of nine losses, 6 runs of seven losses, 5 of five losses in a row.

I know I'm whinging coz I just got tonked but is this normal? Is this what I get for peeing in the tall grass with the big dogs? Does basic stratagy not work online? Did they see me coming? Is Playtech to be avoided? (don't answer that coz you can't persuade me to go back there, at least not to Club Dice. Not without my mom).

Thanks for listening,

frustrated newbie with a sore arse.
I forgot to mention, of course, I was playing blackjack.

And I have just checked, GalaInternational is running BossMedia. My experience there was good, though I didn't stick around after winning my bonus. 131 losses, 124 wins, and 22 pushes. Seems fair enough.

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